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It integrates automatically and flawlessly with AIM, adding crucial features like IM/Chat Logging (with an integrated History Browser), Ad Removal, Cloning, Customizable Buddy List Window, and Translucent Windows.

Panicware (Pop-up Stopper)

Pop-up Stopper is the best way to get rid of those pesky pop-up ads that annoy(ed) me constantly. I don't even realize how great this program until I use some the computer of some fool who refuses to download this handy add on. There are a scant few things in this world that are more annoying than pop-up windows but I'm just glad that that's other peoples' problem now.

KaZaA Lite

When KaZaA first came on the scene it impressed me by its shameless move of using alternating capital and lower-case letters in its name. Then it quickly went downhill after that by installing more spyware, adware and lousy crap on my computer than I've ever come across in all my days. KaZaA Lite works flawlessly with KaZaA users but saves you from all that so you don't have to sacrifice your entire computer to KaZaA's evil tyranny! Remember to uninstall KaZaA before installing KaZaA lite!

Lavasoft (Adaware)

Adaware is a great program that basically works like and anti-virus program for adware. It searches out all the instances of adware and spyware on your computer and then cleans them all up. It needs to be updated frequently to keep up with the new instances of adware springing up all the time but the program is completely free. You'll be amazed at the junk you find.

LiquidNinja (Metapad)

Metapad is like Windows notepad if Windows notepad was a good text editor. It's a tiny single file application that has tons a features and is super quick to load. You'll laugh when you remember using Notepad. Oh how you'll laugh.

Sunbelt Software (iHateSpam)

The first program I've ever used that actually does what it says and gets rid of spam. You can control exactly which addresses you will allow email from and filter all the junk directly to your your deleted folder. Very customizeable.

link quick pick
   humor       misc       tech       news   
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