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people i know


My little sister brother friend is all grown up! Here she talks about the wonderful things going on in her life. The loves, the trials and the college applications. I need to know how my Laura's doing and this is the best way to find out what she's REALLY doing.


Yahtzee, as has been previously mentioned, works too hard for too little. His journal entries are far superior to most. You should donate money to him me.


A shockingly brilliant and funny young girl. She changes her name a lot but her journal is always in the same place and her musings will leave you spellbound.

the anonymous blonde

Some weird New York socialite who loves paul.


Rory is a strange chap who spends his days handing out free condoms downtown and his nights on the internet chatting with friends, playing games and just kinda being a weirdo. He does weird things and amuses all that he meets. To get to know him is to get to love him.


Raka used to sign the Lance & Eskimo Message Board all the time, but now, sadly, he has bigger fish to fry. He is a marvelous chap that I have to thank for supplying me with half my wardrobe in Pillsbury Doughboy attire.


Slade is an L&E message board dweller with read boobs! He also has a blog and does comics about Contra. Can you beat that?

people i wish i knew


Evany is one of the editors of and just a great lady! Her blog is constantly being updated with high caliber entries to entertain you. Evany's blog entries are of much too high a quality to even be called "blog entries". If she is single then there's something wrong with the world.

leo laporte

Leo Laporte, the wise old patriarch of the Tech TV family,

morgan webb

Arguably the cutest member of the Tech TV staff. Her constant live blunders on The Screen Savers will make you love her even more.

megan morrone

Megan is a wonderfully versatile Linux, PC, Macintosh guru who gives geek girls a good name. Visit her journal and find out about everything from her husband (geeks around the world well up) to her baby on the way!

chris pirillo

Don't be fooled by his bubbly, super cheerful TV persona, deep down Chris Pirillo is a sad, cynical man who will amuse you to no end with his ramblings and constant complaining about everything technology (and non-technology) related. I like him even more after reading his negativity. Simply marvelous.

brett larson

The most closed-mided, Apple-centric computer guy in the entire world entertains us daily with tales from his Apple-using, PC-hating existence!

cat schwartz

Also, arguably the cutest member of the Tech TV staff, though she doesn't update frequently enough. When she does post entries be warned that you may have to look at disgusting pictures of her busted finger. She's a great girl though.

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