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The site that needs no introduction. You undoubtedly found this site through If you didn't then email me and tell me how the hell you found it! It'd love to know. It's Your daily cup of humor. It's daily humor served daily dairy fresh daily every day.

Brother Jacques entertains us weekly with his marginally legal escapades through life love and basic copyright infringement.

The new internet home of Brother Yahtzee. Now that his comic is done he spends his time writing far too many humorous articles a week. No one should provide this much entertainment for free.

Chris Livingston, the hardest working man on the internet, keeps us docile with his ranting about daily life and the rough and tumble world of temporary employment.

Yahtzee Takes On The World

Brother Yahtzee's daily comic home page. Sadly Yahtzee's comic ended in September of 2002 but you can still go back and read the story that Yahtzee worked so hard to bring us 365 days a year.

Polymorph Want A Cracker?

Lefty keeps the internet in check with this wonderful collection of projects. Comics: Two Skulls That Talk and Gumhead/Fishguy mixed with ambitious artificial intelligence programs such as the ARRR! Pirate Project and Gnomes. There's always something fun going on at Polymorph.

Pokey The Penguin

The original and still the best screwball web comic. There have been many who have tried to duplicate this brilliant comic that dances on that thin line between random and hilarious. Find out why this is leaps and bounds above the competition.

A site featuring tons of Flash films, shorts, games and more. Truly hilarious and original cartoons in a world full of so much hackneyed Flash web content..

link quick pick
   humor       misc       tech       news   
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