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WANT IT LIVE? WANT THEM NUDE? WANT THEM TO BE CATS? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this might be the site for you. Hell if you even bothered to answer the questions at all then this is the site for you. (Must be 18 to Enter)

Ever wish that you could have fast food delivered to you by Ninjas? No? Well you suck.

Billy Dee Williams Should Eat More Salsa

A group of concerned students accept the noble mission of trying to get Billy Dee Williams to eat more salsa. It's about time.

A wonderful site about the ancient Eastern art of body modification in housepets.

Cartoon Girls I Wanna Nail

The Reverend Nathan Runkel voices his opinions on some of the hottest cartoon vixens to ever grace our television screens. Relive growing up in the 80's and learning about sex from the Thundercats.

All Your Base Belong To Us!

An outstanding flash film which showcases the poorest video game translation of all time with brilliant photo modification. A must see!

The Snowpenis

A backyard sculpture that brought a country together.

link quick pick
   humor       misc       tech       news   
   software       blogs       brilliant       bad   

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