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"If I had the time and a sledgehammer, I would track down every bootlegged copy of that program and smash it."
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One More Round, Friend (Bea Arthur Sings)

The band starts playing and Ackmena begins singing a song to the tune of the cantina song. It is important to remember that we are watching unrehearsed, unedited footage of what life is really like on Tatooine. Ackmena then begins one of the greatest improvised song and dance numbers ever performed. It isn't necessary to dive too deeply into the performance except to say that there is plenty of singing and amazing Bea Arthur dancing. The lyrics of the song she sings are as follows:

Just one more round, friend.
Then homeward bound, friend.
Don't forget me in your dreams.
Just one more song, friend.
The night's get shorter it seems.
Just one more rhyme, friend.
Yes, it's a crime, friend.
But you know time, friend.
Time can fly.

So it's goodnight, friend.
Goodnight, but not goodbye.
Just one more drop, friend.
Before we stop, friend.
One more moment face to face.
Next time you're dry, friend.
Try stopping by, friend.
If there's a light in the place.
We may not cry, friend.
But we survive, friend.
Look, we're alive, friend. You and I.

So say goodnight, friend.
Goodnight, but not goodbye.

Just one more dance, friend.
Just one more chance, friend.
One more chorus, one more tune.
It's not the end, friend.
If you're a friend, friend.
Then you come back to me soon.
But it's too late, pal.
To celebrate, pal.
You have to wait, pal.
Don't you cry.
Now, it's goodnight, friend.
Goodnight friend.
Goodnight friend.
Follow me!

You're such a dear, friend.
You know I'm here, friend.
Is that a tear, friend.
In your eye?
Now, it's goodnight, friend.
Goodnight friend.

Goodnight but not...

"Goodnight, but not goodbye!"

Jazz hands!

"You're such a dear friend."

The song goes through a whirlwind of emotions ranging from comic joy to sad reflection. The lyrics end, leaving the viewer hanging. Will she say, "goodbye"? As the seconds tick by it becomes clear that she will not, and our emotions are further put in torment as we watch her wander about the cantina in a sullen daze.

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