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01/08/2003 Archived Entry: "LANtastic"

In response to Laura's The Trouble with LAN Parties article (it seems I can't come up with anything interesting to say without her help anymore):

My roommate got an Xbox for Christmas and we've been playing it nonstop every since. The game: Halo. For those not familiar it is a futuristic first-person shooter which takes place on a giant ring shaped planet which is clearly just Ringworld. They don't try to hide it, it's just blatantly ripped off. This is fine by me because the whole concept of Ringworld is actually very cool and of all the Science Fiction that gets shamelessly ripped off, Ringworld usually isn't touched. It's refreshing to see something that is Science Fiction and leaves Star Trek and Star Wars alone, instead electing to pilfer from the works of Larry Niven.

The gamers who are reading this may identify me as a loser since Halo is the embarrassingly elderly age of 1 year old and is clearly not acceptable to be playing for the first time just weeks ago. Others will simply be confused having not played or heard of this game. So like usual I have eliminated 98% of all people everywhere and with that taken care of I can continue.

Halo can be played with 1-16 players. There is a cool adventure-style single or multi-player game as well as a multi-player mode where the objective is to kill as many people/things as possible. Halo is an amazing game with almost infinite possibilities between game types and number of players.

I am left wishing I had the means to have 4 big screen TVs, 4 Xboxes, 4 copies of Halo, 16 Xbox controllers, a hub and 4 cables so that I could host a kickass LAN party! At a staggering cost of well over $5,000 I realize that this is most likely not an option.

One unusual thing, as contradicted in Laura's The Trouble with LAN Parties article is that all the girlfriends seem to want to play just as badly as we do. This is unusual because we are used to getting the sigh mixed with rolled eyes when we announce to our girlfriends that we are going to play video games. Now, much to our delight--and confusion--we get phone calls from the girlfriends asking if they can come over and play.

I suppose that militaristic games such as Halo lend themselves better to LAN Party type activities than a game such as The Sims would and that is why they are so prevalent. A game where there is no end and no possible way of winning doesn't necessarily make for great tournament play.

This weekend I am going to New York. I am hoping to see the Statue of Liberty if it doesn't snow because that's the kind of predictable simpleton that I am.

Replies: 11 People Love Me!

I used to love playing Doom II or Final Doom (I can't remember which) when I was eight. My friends would shoot and I would steer. Then my computer crashed and we had to get a new hard drive, so now I can play all of my sister's Barbie games or The Sims (fun fun!). I miss shooting those one-eyed, red and blue floating brains with the sharp, pointy teeth.

Posted by Nicole @ 01/09/2003 09:49 PM EST

I never went to the Statue of Liberty. It seems like it would be one of the only actually entertaining tourist attractions in New York. Theres something about lots of stairs, and an odly shaped structure that just makes me go wild! I went to New York today to see some musical, and we had a few hours to waste before hand; however, wherever we walked, all we saw were banks. We ended up spending most of our time eating at Burger King.

Posted by Rory @ 01/12/2003 02:10 AM EST

I am proud to report that the Statue of Liberty was duly visited and photographed, and that there was, in fact, no snow despite the fact that it was REALLY REALLY cold.

Rory, you should have called me! I could have directed to you non-bank locales ...

Posted by Jen @ 01/12/2003 07:21 PM EST

The Statue of Liberty was just as big, but a lot colder, than I remember. Sadly they weren't letting tourists inside the statue for "safety reasons". They did rifle mercilessly through the pages of Jen's travel guide looking for bombs. Thank God for useless security!!

Posted by Chefelf @ 01/13/2003 12:06 AM EST

Should have called you, huh, Jennifer? Maybe he should have called his OWN SISTER, who lives in New York, or his OWN MOTHER, who was there visiting her.

Also, I challenge you to find something that Rory would actually enjoy ANYWHERE in the world.

Posted by Caolan @ 01/13/2003 02:10 AM EST

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