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Frequently Asked Questions

How come the comic looks bad?
Simple, I'm a lousy artist. However if you are having trouble reading the font because it is too small it is possible you have "auto-resize" set on your browser. Auto-resize is a devilish little feature that someone in the early 2000's thought would be a great idea. It resizes graphic images so that they fit on a webpage even if they're not designed to. Here's how to fix it:

Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Tools
  • Internet Options...
  • Advanced Tab
  • Scroll Down to "Multimedia"
  • Uncheck "Enable Automatic Image Resizing"
  • Click "OK"

Mozilla Firebird/Firefox

  • Tools
  • Options...
  • Advanced
  • Multimedia Section
  • Uncheck "Resize large images to fit in the browser window"
  • Click "OK"

Other Browsers (coming soon)...

Got more questions? Email me at nate@lanceandeskimo.com and I will answer it.

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