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12/30/2002 Archived Entry: "Things I Got For Christmas"

Book about all these amazing computer programmers. It is "a sort of Iliad for the computer age". Paul and I were initially impressed my this in the bookstore because the first page we opened to looked like this:


Cappuccino maker
Something I've been really wanting. Since I have very shabby coffee-making skills I figured that I could dazzle people by steaming the milk in the really shitty coffee I make for them. It comes with an instructional video that will hopefully give me the knowledge I need to make a palatable cup of coffee.

Applebee's gift card

Borders Gift Card

L.L. Bean Shirt
Because a man can never have too many shirts. My shirt to pants ratio has easily got to be 10:1. I have a bunch of shirts that are really comfortable and fit well and look good and I have about three pairs of pants that I can wear and most of them are second hand from my friend who's about 6" taller than me. It is unfortunate that "rocking a peg cuff" isn't quite so fashionable these days. Ten years ago I would have been the coolest guy on the block.

Rugrats Candy
Because my grandmother is a weirdo.

Far Side Calendar

Early Maps of the Internet Poster
I hope Jen doesn't break up with me because with this hanging on my wall I would be certain to die single. It shows maps of the way the various computer wide area networks were laid out in the early days of the internet.

The Ape Man/Monkey Trouble double feature
The Parents Redcloud felt that my DVD collection was lacking in the ape department. Harry Ape would be proud.

Utena: The Black Rose Blooms DVD

Back to the Future Trilogy DVD
Having to wait an uncomfortable number of years for this to come out on DVD makes it all that much sweeter.

Electric Razor
Just in the nick of time (pun not intended). Someone peed on my old electric razor on Christmas eve. Seriously.


Grab bag with Catwoman keychain
And other assorted goodies.

Rudolph doll with squirt gun
Why, of all the misfit toys, the squirt gun? I don't know.

Nate the Great
A truly touching gift considering how I worshiped the ground that Nate the Great walked on as a child. Perhaps I will be able to acquire the remaining books in the series some other time. If you haven't read this book you really have to. He is a young boy whose powers of observation are only surpassed by his undying love for pancakes.

Replies: 9 People Love Me!

I got a giant radio. And 28472 things of bath and body works soap. Seriously. I can supply the entire band with "creamy coconut" when we go to Toronto. Have a happy new year!

Posted by Nicole @ 12/31/2002 12:11 PM EST

That sounds pretty great! You have a happy new year as well! Good luck in Toronto!

Posted by Chefelf @ 12/31/2002 12:58 PM EST

Well, I lost my virginity for Christmas. Beat that Nicole.

Posted by Dano @ 01/07/2003 10:21 PM EST

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