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  1. Violence, Nazis, or Abortions

    Posted 1 Dec 2012

    This hasn't been in the news lately, thank God... But when it does show up, it bares noting. So I'll just talk now.

    We spend ages being bombarded from all sides by the Pro-Life movement describing abortion as being just as bad as (if not worse than) the Holocaust.

    And when someone shoots an abortion doctor, bombs a clinic, or whatever other damn fool thing happens, we hear people saying "Oh, we never wanted THAT to happen."

    I would put something forward. Now, since I used to be a regular here, some changes have happened to me. One, I've become Christian, and two, I've become damn near close to a pacifist. The Christian part is why I end up hearing these Pro-Life loonies so much, and thus am spending more time thinking of them than I usually do. The almost-pacifist part is why something has to be pretty bad for me, at least, to say that it deserves violent removal.

    And now I'm going to make a crazy statement. I think the holocaust was REALLY REALLY bad. I think the holocaust DESERVED violent action. I think the Holocaust KINDA TOTALLY SUCKED.

    And I think the people who say this would usually agree that, you know, getting rid of Hitler was a good idea.

    And to them I say, well... Choose one.


    1) Violence is totally merited against abortion clinics.

    2) Nazis were not that bad, really, so violence is merited against neither abortion clinics, nor Nazis.

    3) Abortions are not as bad as Nazis.

    Only one of those statements can be true.
  2. Children of the Night

    Posted 13 Feb 2011

    Forgive the exceedingly generic name. That's a result of a miscommunication between me and the artist that I didn't bother to correct. It was originally going to be "More Things" (referencing Shakespeare) but it ended up being called Children of the Night.


    I might ask Nate about putting a forum on here if it gets enough people interested
  3. Rugby!

    Posted 11 Feb 2011

    I am a fan of Rugby. Both Rugby League, and Rugby Union.

    Sadly, I am also what is technically known as an 'American'. So I need ways to get at this most awesome of sports. Advice?
  4. Games you WANT to hate (but don't)

    Posted 5 Feb 2011

    Outa curiosity, is there anyone who has a game that they really, REALLY wish they hated? Guilty pleasure so to speak.

    For me, its Rumble Roses XX. I am REALLY annoyed that that game is so fun. I mean, I'm gay, I shouldn't ENJOY watching scantily clad women wrestle... But, well, if this was a show, I'd watch it, because its way more exciting than Smackdown Versus Raw 2011
  5. The ending of the story.

    Posted 14 Mar 2009

    Okay, I thought of a game.

    And it goes like this.

    Every post, someone spoils the ending of a popular story (movie, book, whatevah), but doesn't mention what the story is, or any characters.

    Then the next person writes what they think the story is, in funky spoiler tags. Like this!

    THIS, I SAY!

    And then comes up with one of their own.

    I thought it would be fun because you test your knowledge of a story if you know it, but the descriptions are vague enough that if you don't, its not ruined.

    And everyone will live happily ever after.

    Anyway, I go first.

    And then the main character is disintegrated, and everyone else lives happily ever after... UNTIL THEY FIND A BOOK HE WROTE!

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