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I think I did A " Loathe Jar Jar Binks" search on Yahoo and your site came up.
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  1. In Topic: Where do I go to spew my venom?

    Posted 26 Jun 2005

    QUOTE (Lord Melkor @ Jun 25 2005, 07:47 PM)
    It is terrible. On the other hand, there are people out in the world dying from starvation. They would give everything to have problems like you.

    Are you serious? There are people out in the world dying from starvation.Where did that come from? I think that the fact that the old Soviet Empire's Nuclear arsenal is still pointed at us as well, does not factor in to the debate/discussion of Lucas and the movies.From now on we all should preface our gripes with : Althought there is hunger,disease,bigotry,bigamy, poligamy,genocide,molestation, armed robbery,murder,political strife,mysogony(spell check),religious war,chid and spousal abuse,pollution,near Earth collisions from Celestial Bodies,Lawyers,uninsured motorists et al ... I think that George Lucas should have done blah blah blah and so on .............

    A befuddled winkdink?
  2. In Topic: Where do I go to spew my venom?

    Posted 25 Jun 2005

    QUOTE (Lord Melkor @ Jun 24 2005, 03:49 PM)
    I don`t care Winkdink, and I think your attitude is a bit funny, though there is nothing wrong with it.

    Simply ignore PT and you will no longer suffer. Lucas gave you 2 great films, so respect him for this. And I don`t see how Star Wars can change a life of anyone. How would you feel if someone killed George Lucas for his great betrayal? Would you applaud this?

    I am assuming that your question of my applauding a G.L. assasination was eith rhetorical or "tongue in cheek". I as many have made the point that it is my ilk that made him what he was and got shit for gratitude.As far as the life changing,I think I made it know it was a small change( I was a 10 year old boy when this occured).As far as Ignoring 1,2 and 3 that is all well and good, but they are what I had held on for so many years.That is where my bitterness flows from.He may have done himself well short term financially, but he shot himself in the foot historically.What I mean by that last sentence is that if he had held to the dark,dirty space opera of the previous 2 1/2 ANH,ESB and part of ROTJ(the duel between Vader and Luke in front of Palpatine still gives me chills)he could have no question held the title of greatest movie series.

  3. In Topic: what's wrong with this picture

    Posted 23 Jun 2005

    QUOTE (Mnesymone @ Jun 21 2005, 08:05 AM)
    One thing - Hayden-Anakin never wore that outfit - he always wore his "foreshadowing of evil" robes.

    Still - the ultimate insult to David Prowse - first he gets diddled of his rightful role for Sebastian Shaw, then they whack out Shaw for some punk kid - the 3D version will probably have Ewan MacGregor and CGI Yoda. Then, they'll put in Darth Plagueis, Qui-Gon Jinn, Mace Windu and the Jedi Council - then finally the spectral Greedo will walk up to Han and give him a hug out of rejoicing for having made Greedo one with the Force.

    I know you were being sarcastic... but even the thought of removing Sir Alec Guiness makes me want to spew chunks !!! Damn him if he ever considered that !!!
    It would be a Jar Jar Binks kick in the balls all over again to us Day One hardcore Geeks that kept the license alive for 20+ years....

  4. In Topic: Coruscant

    Posted 23 Jun 2005

    I concur with several of the replies about technology producing the air/oxygen. My gripes have been the contradictions and the lack of technologies, where Mr.Lucas needs it to fit the stories cause he painted himself in to a corner.

  5. In Topic: One to add to ChefElf's list 'o' gripes

    Posted 22 Jun 2005

    Monkey, I ask you to sight me the scene. In any one of the of six movies have you ever seen a ship taxied and have to reach takeoff speed? Never, the technology I assumed has outgrown the need to reach 180 knots before your Corellian Cruiser can liftoff.


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