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  1. thank God these scenes were cut:

    Posted 8 Jun 2006


    Deleted roles
    Scenes of a group of Senators (including Padme) planning on organizing an Alliance to prevent the Chancellor from receiving any more executive powers were cut, they featured a young Mon Mothma. They were cut in order to achieve more focus on the story of Anakin.[1] George Lucas wrote early drafts of the script in which a 10-year-old Han Solo appeared, but the role was never cast or shot. However, the Millennium Falcon makes an appearance in the scene in which Anakin and Obi-wan return to Coruscant, seen as a small ship that is docking in the same port as theirs. The scene where Yoda arrives on Dagobah to begin his self-imposed exile was also cut, but is featured in a deleted scene in the DVD release, though producer Rick McCallum has stated that he hopes Lucas may include it to the theatrical release when and if he releases a 6 episode DVD box set.[1]

    Many Order 66 scenes were cut. The deaths of Barriss Offee and Luminara Unduli were either cut from the film or never filmed in the first place. The death scene of Shaak Ti aboard the Invisible Hand (which can be viewed in the DVD deleted scenes section) is non-canon, as Lucas has confirmed that the character met her end later in the film at the hands of Vader, during the attack on the Jedi Temple.

    Bai Ling filmed minor scenes for the film playing the role of a senator, but her role was cut during editing. She claimed this was because she posed for the June 2005 issue of Playboy magazine, whose appearance on newsstands coincided with the movie's May release, but Lucas denied this, stating that the cut had been made more than a year earlier, and that he had cut his own daughter's scenes as well.[24]

    I can totally believe that GL was dumb enough to write the original script with baby Han Solo.

    All he did to write the script was go down the character dossier from the OT and try to find a way to include every single person in a younger form.

    All of these scenes, too, only explain the intuitive. The origins of the rebel alliance do no need an introduction nor explaination. The entire OT we never knew WHY they were fighting, we just accepted the idea that the Empire was bad and ran with it.

    Same goes for Yoda and Dagobah. We are perfectly capable of understanding that Yoda goes to Dagobah without seeing it! Didn't this guy go to film school or something? How could he possibly thought that any of these scenes were good ideas???

    The millenium falcon cameo, in my opinion, was perfectly acceptible because it was so subtle.

    Edited for retardedness
  2. The Legacy of the PT

    Posted 20 May 2005


    "The PT is a monument to what happens when you surround yourself with yes-man, fail to acknowledge your own deficiences, and refuse to listen to the opinions of others."

    I swear that next time i work on a project, and one of my partners or underlings says "I disagree" and the dude next to him nods, i am going to think back to jar jar binks, jango fett, the crappy romance, sonic yoda, and "The Street Car named Vader", cringe, and make the necessary changes to the project no matter how much it hurts that i'm wrong. At least some good will come out of this mess.
  3. The Wretched Report

    Posted 19 May 2005

    alright, its 3 am, so i'll have to give you all the details in the morning, i hope "sleeping on it" doesn't change me too much.

    my brother somehow mangaged to get midnight tickets and of course i agreed to go, along with my uncle who was there in the beginning.


    Everyone cheered when we saw "Along time ago..."

    Amazing space battle. I really liked the first 7 minutes. Then i wondered why the parasite droids Obi-Wan's ship didn't just explode and kill him.
    Then i wondered why there wasn't vacuum in the hanger if there were only droids in there. They could have sucked Anakin and Obi-Wan into space and killed them outright. Then i wondered why the battle droids kept trying to capture Anakin and Obi-Wan. Its a war, they should kill them, or at least shoot artoo. (I got an explanation later but Palpatine's plan is so stupid. He nearly died when the battleship reentered the atmosphere)

    People in the packed theater laughed at the first two visual jokes. Then didn't laugh at a single punchline until one near the end. When Yoda took out the two imperial guardsmen.

    BTW, Yoda crawling through the vents reminded me of a scene with bishop from ALIENS or just about any Star Trek jeffrey's tube face shot scene.

    When the camera showed Padme looking strangely ugly in an early scene, someone shouting "YOU'RE NOT HOT!"

    All i'll say tonight is that when the film ended, only THREE people out of a packed theater clapped.

    i could have sworn i saw a tear in the eye my uncle, a veteran of opening night 1977.

    We walked out of the theater in almost total silence, people did not speak about the movie. Even after AOTC people were making sound effects and saying "aw dude!"

    None of the men in the packed post-flick restroom said a word.

    On the walk to the car my uncle actually kept the topic of coversation off Star Wars to some upbeat story about learning to appreciate Bill Murray.

    When we finally reached the car we talked about Vader's appearance.

    Its too depressing to talk about. You can't even parody it.

    My optimistic uncle walked out a basher.

    There were many...images...and scenes i really enjoyed. i'll get to them in the morning.

    In a nutshell, i'd say it was like a porn video. Everyone was just waiting to get through the porn movie dialogue and porn movie plot and the porn star acting just to set up the action. i'd also say it resembled a Britney Spears music video. Great if you just muted the damn thing.

    So many questions (if i cared), this isn't even the start.

    Why were the wookiees in the film again?
    Why was Grievous coughing?
    How come a kid jedi can kill 4 stormtroopers but jedi masters can't take out any?
    So a lizard ran as fast as a truck?
    Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. So the intimate conversation between Palatine and Anakin was on Video for several DAYS before the slaughter?
    So artoo still has jets huh?
    How much weight did Palpatine loose between episodes III and VI?
    Why did Obi-Wan leave Anakin to suffer?
    So Palpatine is Vader's father?
    Why didn't Obi-Wan finish off Anakin?
    to quote my uncle "Why were they fighting again?"

    Sleepy time, i'll get back to this in the morning crying.gif
  4. JAWF's howl of rage thread

    Posted 19 May 2005

    got into a midnight screening


  5. help!

    Posted 9 May 2005

    he's playing it now....oh the crappy dialogue...

    what should i do?

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