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  1. You are Mister Homosexual, as reviewed by Yahtzee

    Posted 2 Jan 2008


    I generally agree with this!

    I haven't played Mr. Gay too much, but every time I do I come out of it like 20 minutes later with a ridiculous number of new stars. Also, the whole atmosphere of the game feels more like Banjo Kazooie or something, rather than a Mario title.
  2. Duke Nukem Forever

    Posted 22 Dec 2007

  3. :D

    Posted 15 Dec 2007



    Posted 6 Nov 2007

    This game is IMPOSSIBLE :<

    I' m playing Battlemaniacs now, because out of all the console versions it's by far my favorite. The NES original is awesome, too, but I fucked it up by switching a bunch of cheats on and now it just restarts me whenever I finish the first level. And then when I do get it to put me in Wookie Hole, there's a glitch where the enemies become transparent and can't be killed, and I have no way of dying, so I have to start ALL OVER and asdkjgfajga;jg.

    ANYWAY. By the time I got to the Turbo Tunnel in Battlemaniacs, I realized it was basically the same as the NES version where it stops being a beat-em-up and becomes a series of insane obstacle courses where you need to memorize everything and have ridiculously good reflexes to pass, which put me down because the first two levels are awesome and gave me hope that it'd be more like the Arcade version, which I did beat with a friend one time. We spent 15 dollars!

    I got past the Turbo Tunnel after much cheating, and then with slightly less cheating beat the snake pit which is doable normally until the end where you have to jump your guy through an opening that's the exact same size as him and if you make one tiny miscalculation you die INSTANTLY and have to start all over again :<

    Now I'm on some rollercoaster type thing that's basically Clinger Winger from the first one (see pic) where I have to press in the direction of the track to outrun the crazy buzz-saw rat. Which seems reasonable, but the thing goes at the speed of fucking light and the track changes direction every 3 feet so I keep getting cut in half by the motherfucker.

    Battletoads has no fucking mercy. I will beat it. :<
  5. Yahtzee's take on Super Paper Mario!

    Posted 24 Oct 2007

    I'm not really the most qualified candidate to make this thread because I can't watch ZP on the school computers, but here it is anyway.

    http:// www.escapistm...per-Paper-Mario

    This should be way more relevant when I do watch it because it's a game I'm actually able to play!

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