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Well I came over from the Fullyramblomatic forums and found the wonderful world of Nitpickers guide to the DVDs. That made me a keeper.
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  1. Shows that need DVD release

    Posted 15 Apr 2006

    So with all the Dr. Who hoopla I realized that there are way too many shows out there that need to be DVD'd.

    Here's a few off the top of my head:
    • Rocko's Modern Life
    • Dr. Who (A boxed set like it deserves)
    Errr I'm running out of ideas here. Help
  2. The Great Chefelf Text Adventure

    Posted 9 Oct 2005

    It is a boring night.
    Feel free to add your own lines to the adventure.

    You are walking through a strange land called the internet. Many strange flashing lights, and temptations of various sorts call to you from the windows.

    You see a small door to the west.

    >look at door

    The door has seen better days. There is a faded welcome mat on the doorstep, and a small plaque on the door.

    >read plaque

    The plaque says "Chefelf Nightlife. Enter at your own risk."

    >open door

    The door creaks open. It is very dark inside. You hear very strange noises.

    >go west
  3. Download Manager

    Posted 9 Oct 2005

    Ok, now my internet service is crappy. For some reason (either by their fault or spyware) it cuts off once every 3-4 hours. This wreaks havok on some of my larger downloads and I need help.

    I need a download manager that can pause and resume downloads even when offline for a few minutes. I have firefox and am running Windows XP (not sure which service pack though)
  4. 'The Batman' Sucks

    Posted 11 Sep 2005

    The new cartoon show 'The Batman' makes me pissed off to an extreme that has only been met when I found out that Crispen Glover would play The Joker. It sucks, they went out of their way to make ALL the villans unrelated to thier former selfs. And really, what is batman without his rouges gallery.

    The Joker looks as if he came from a fucking rave with green dreadlocks and a damned strait-jacket. The Catwoman has huge orange glasses that do nothing but detract from her charicter because all you can think about is 'damn those are huge fucking glasses'. The Riddler looks like Marilyn Manson...

    Marilyn Fucking Manson

    God damned am I angry at this pile of shit. It serves nothing more than to sell toys and offend people who actually know what Batman really is.
  5. Urban Dead

    Posted 6 Sep 2005

    Here's something I've been hooked on for the last two weeks. It is a game set in the English city of Malton that has been over run by zombies. Now you can either be a survivor and try and turn back the tide of the undead, or more likely... survive, Or you could be one of the many zombies in this post-apoctyliptic world.

    First, this is a true lunch break game. The game is turned based where you get about 50 actions every day. Now you can use those fifty actions to blast some zombie ass, search for supplies, and barricade the building you are in so tight it'd make fort knox look like a chain link fence. Honestly, it only takes 20 minutes to control 3 charicters, but oh man are those 20 minutes fun.

    As for game tips, I suggest you read the FAQs. No, I demand you read the FAQs other wise you won't know what the hell is going on. Like for instance, when you log off, your charicter is still on the map, this makes finding a safe house very important. Also, you can find a handy dandy map in the FAQs which is quite usefull.

    Let me say though, the game is slow. Most people don't level within the first 4-5 days of playing. Also, this game is new, made over the summer by a horror movie enthusiest named Kevin, it is only 2 months old, but suprisingly stable.

    And, poke around the forums for a bit, it's always nice to get a bit of info and newbie guides after you're done with your APs.

    Urban Undead linkage

    Basic guides, very handy

    So if you like zombie movies, George Romero, or the apocolypse, then this game is for you.

    (Christ, this is what happens when you take marketing in highschool, everything sounds like a bloody advertisement.)

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