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Well I came over from the Fullyramblomatic forums and found the wonderful world of Nitpickers guide to the DVDs. That made me a keeper.
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  1. In Topic: Returns

    Posted 29 Oct 2006

    I LIVE.

    After being bombarded with real life for the past god knows how many updates I am finnally able to sit at the computer.

    *goes back to lurking as usual*
  2. In Topic: Dear Sony:

    Posted 13 Oct 2006

    Actually, on the PS3, Sony takes a profit loss. They are hoping to recoup that in software sales.
  3. In Topic: Check out my crappy website!

    Posted 13 Oct 2006

    Whoa whoa whoa, before we start pushing Dan into StyleSheets, javascripts and other advanced bits maybe we should teach him the basics.

    First problem would be the lack of a navagation bar. This can be easily done with a simple table in html. Unfortunatly I don't have my own webspace at the moment so you'll just have to copy paste the following into notepad then saveas as a .htm file.

    <head>tabletest< /head >
    <table width = "100%">
    <td width = "30%">
    <h2>Navagation< /h2>
    <td width = "70%">
    <h1>Main Content</h1>
    <p>Insert Lorem Ipsum here.</p>
    < /html >

    It seems as though the code box doesn't show the tabs, oh well.

    The atributes that I've put on the table and it's table datas (columns) is width. This can either be done in pixles or % of window avaliable taken, I've picked % for this example. This puts the links on the side navigation bar and creates a margin for the main content. !Warning! I'm not exactally sure how tables, or any code would work with the banner ads that your webspace has put on you !Warning!

    If you're still interested in web design is a great resouce for learning about coding.

    One question though, how much html, or any coding experiance do you have Dan?

    Edit: Also, the links should be on their own page. Especially the banners.
  4. In Topic: "How are you feeling today?"

    Posted 22 Aug 2006

    I'm surpirsed that you don't have any nearby, I mean you guys are much closer to asia than we are.
  5. In Topic: Your Avatar

    Posted 22 Aug 2006

    It still looks as if she's on her knees... looking very LttS-esq.

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