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  1. In Topic: Trilby's Umbrella

    Posted 8 Dec 2007

    In any case, I think it's PRETTY CLEAR that Yahtzee needs to release a new version of 5DaS where you can relentlessly electrocute everyone in the house. Not for gameplay purposes, but just for that dumb "screw-around" desire that lead me to spending half of HL2:Ep2 pelting Alyx with gravity-gun propelled lawn gnomes.

    ...Also, does the grolly actually function as an umbrella? Seems dangerous, with all that electrical whatnot inside.
  2. In Topic: Aqua Teen Hunger Force -- stupid, or just retarded?

    Posted 13 Apr 2007

    As a person who enjoys the show immensely (but is as dubious as the rest of you as to whether it can work as a movie), I have to point out that the show isn't so much wholly random (on a good day) as it is connected by really weird, surreal logic. And now I'm trying to back that up by citing examples, and I can't think of any that won't sound totally, completely idiotic or incomprehensible to people who've never seen the show, so I'm giving up.

    All I know is, when an omnipotent talking meatball wakes up Santa in the middle of July, and then ends up burning him horribly, and Santa, upon looking in the mirror at the wreck of his body, declares "I'm Horror Clause!".... That's pretty funny, to me.
  3. In Topic: What the fully ramblomaticmites want...

    Posted 2 Apr 2007

    Better yet, a Chzo Mythology fighting game! Each character would have a signature move, like Trilby's grappling hook or Theo's broken-neck slight shuffle from side to side. Malcolm's entire moveset would be tricky ways of getting people to step onto spikes.

    Since none of the characters could actually hurt each other (every attempt at violence would display a very adventure-esque "Violence never solved anything" message), every single round would end with the Prince and the Welder slaughtering everyone and then Chzo consuming the world. Fun times!
  4. In Topic: My thoughts...

    Posted 29 Mar 2007

    Totally off-topic, sorry, but that Arnold picture makes me dread the day someone in Hollywood sees it and gets the bright idea of casting him in a Phoenix Wright movie.

    "Objection! *slam fist, point* It is not a tumah!"
  5. In Topic: What the fully ramblomaticmites want...

    Posted 28 Mar 2007

    I think this whole poll is just an elaborate exercise in reverse psychology. Our often-contrarian benefactor has as much as said that our opinions are so much piss in the ocean as far as his decisions on what to do next are concerned. Maybe El Gostro is trying to establish things that Yahtzee will never, ever do, because we voted for them, so he can more accurately predict what the Maestro will do. We're surrounded, surrounded, I say, by evil geniuses.

    Although, speaking as a person who won't have to do any of the work, an RSS feed would be pretty sweet.

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