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  1. polymorph site is back up

    Posted 7 Jan 2008

    Just in case anyone's in the mood for relics, polymorph want a cracker is back up...& I'm trying to build up energy for some new content (possibly leaving polymorph as an archive & parking the new stuff at Tripeman thanks you for your attention.
  2. Stormy & Tie

    Posted 1 Jul 2007

    I've always wondered what the different branches of the Imperial services talked about
  3. The Satanic Vaders?

    Posted 19 Jun 2007

    Odd, with Salman Rushdie back in the news, I was made aware that his wife's name is Padma Lakshmi.

    Odd that her first name is 90% of the way to "Padme" and her last name has Anikan's mom's name as the 2nd syllable. Was Lucas bored one day & browsing supermodel names when deciding what to name Luke's mom & grandmother? Are Han's parents named "Heid" & "Klhuum"? Probably!
  4. comic expectations & dissonance

    Posted 30 May 2007

    One thing that's playing on my mind of late is the dissonance of mood in the recent adventures of Lance & Eskimo; what's brought it to the fore would have to be Leggy Peggy's racy kissyfacey (to try to stretch the singsongy-name thing wafer-thin with my own couplet), but it probably first struck me when contrasting bloodthursty nocturnal pirate ambush with someone who sleeps with teddybears.

    Something about seeing said bear, discarded on the floor with its distant frown, while its owner prevented (the potential to be) murdered in her bed kind of weirded me out. I of course say, "the potential", because I don't for a minute believe that Eskimo Jones would actually kill/maim/hurt much even her arch-nemesis...

    Given that, after receiving a cannonade from Jeanne's sloop (scooner/ship/i don't know period terminology!), the most serious injuries sustained were from the chef hugging his knives, we're experiencing the tropes of piratical violence through a cutesypied lens--& thus a lot of the humor of the comic (witness the adorable threats of unimaginable violence).

    However, as the action gets more "serious" (both in a 'personal-danger-level' and a 'hubba-hubba') with the recent and escalating swordfighting/gittin-it-on extravaganza, I'm interested to see how the more serious stuff will mix with the cutesy/ineffectual/levity, it's already a bit of a worried laugh that Krys & ChefElf are being normal "dudes hangin' out" while Eskimo is (at least perceived to be) in a life-or-death swordfight. & I'm a bit terrified of some of the results--like, for example, Jeanne's goofy teddybear were to be orphaned, I'd probably cry.

    It's funny how expectations flavor events so much! For example, in Darkwing Duck in that one episode where the villian is killed (that psychic army-guy villian's head 'explodes' after being pumped too full of psychic-power-yness) it leaves an aftertaste that, in its way, is kind of more unsettling than some depraved Law & Order episode.

    Ok, now talk amongst yourselves!
  5. speaking of Jeremy Irons & boy/boy tension--

    Posted 11 Apr 2007

    ...Jeremy Irons doesn't appear in the direct-to-DVD sequel to "Dungeons & Dragons"! Nor does the second Jimmy Olsen from "Lois & Clark"!

    Just the bald bad guy with blue lipstick. Whom Jeremy Irons keeps his promise to in the 1st D&D movie, despite being the villian. But that's about all the subtext that's there...that & him putting long, snakey magic creatures in blue lipstick man's head. See, no subtext, no subtext a'tall.

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