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  1. 2009: The Ongoing Year In Music

    Posted 30 Jan 2009

    Well so far there hasn't been a lot of ground-breaking stuff. Everyone wet themselves over the new Animal Collective album, but on my initial listen I didn't think that much of it. The latest from A.C. Newman is pretty decent, same with Morrissey's newest. The side project by Karin Dreijer from The Knife, Fever Ray released its debut LP digitally, and it's a massive disappointment. Just sounds like a set of Silent Shout B-sides.

    Anyway, this thread's the same as the previous two. Discuss new releases and such from 2009 as you hear them.
  2. Michael Crichton

    Posted 5 Nov 2008

    Michael Crichton died yesterday at age 66. com...dN1FkgD94904FG0

    I was overtly critical of some of his books, but a few remain some of my favourite cautionary science fiction books from my youth (mainly "The Andromeda Strain" and "Jurassic Park").
  3. One Of Those Days

    Posted 7 Oct 2008

    I thought this might be a suitable means to announce a forthcoming webcomic project using Garry's Mod (yeah I know, it's been done). Looky:

    I hope to get some actual strips done by the end of the week.

    Also, that female character is likely to change, as that image just came about through playing around a bit. I'm going to replace her with one in those blue duds that the other dude is wearing. This all ties into the fact that the story is centered around janitorial staff being caught in the midst of a zombie outbreak.
  4. My Bloody Valentine

    Posted 25 Sep 2008

    So there are a great many people who will argue that My Bloody Valentine are one of the best, or at the very least most important, bands of the 80s and 90s. I would include myself in that list of people. You can understand, then, why I am blithering and gibbering with excitement over the fact that they recently reunited and started touring again after a hiatus lasting almost 16 years. Tonight, I will be seeing them perform. This marks the first time I've gone to a concert that I honestly never thought would happen. So you can, of course, understand why I am so mindlessly excited.
    Not to mention the fact that I bought my tickets in May, nearly a month after I first heard they were coming to Toronto. So I have officially been hopping up and down like an excited toddler for half a year now in anticipation of this concert.

    That's really all I have to say. Carry on.
  5. Russia To Space: Have A Nice Day!

    Posted 16 Sep 2008

    Smile to QuickBird

    The production of Google Earth “artefacts” - the bright spots on the dull satellite landscapes seems to be a popular task nowadays in Russia. We’ve had already a story about guys from Moscow who have written a curse word on the roof of one of the buildings which can be nicely see now at Google Earth.

    This time a whole crown of people in participated has been aware of the exact timetable of the “QuickBird” satellite passing over the Chelyabinsk city and planned to make a big yellow smiley face of their bodies on one of the city squares in order to commemorate their city in Google Earth.

    Article & More Photos

    Okay this is all well and good. I mean, I think it's kind of a cute idea, right? The fact that it wasn't successful is simply due to not enough people coming out as a result of some lousy weather, from the looks of things. What gets me is this photograph:

    This man terrifies me.

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