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Storm's Comments on Chef's Reasons Reasons 41-50

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Posted 11 July 2005 - 11:23 PM

41. Corduroy Man
Obi-Wan sort of holds a confusing conversation with the man and then leaves. As the man goes back to his people, they ask if Obi-Wan is bringing soldiers and Tion confesses that he has no idea what the hell just went on. This comforted me in knowing that I was not alone.

Tion doesn't confess that he has no clue what just went on. What he is unsure of is whether or not Obi-Wan has an army or if he plans on taking on the whole droid army by himself. The latter choice would lead anybody to be slightly puzzled.

42. Ridiculous Feathered Iguana Horse
Yes, the sound the lizard makes is unnecessary. One or two yelps would have sufficed.

43. Palpatine's Manipulation
"Don't you wonder why the Jedi Council won't make you a Master?" "They don't trust you." "I would doubt the Council's judgment if they didn't choose you for this mission."

Palpatine has been Anakin's only consistent supporter since his arrival on Coruscant. I think when you are conflicted, you tend to listen to the people who encourage you the most.

Palpatine actually says that he must kill all the Jedi in the temple and that only then will he be strong enough with the Force to save Padme.

Dark side force powers grow from anger and hatred. Anakin isn't going to gain any power by sitting around and reading The Tragedies of the Last 20 Sith Lords. And besides, at this point, he has no choice. If he refuses to do what Sidious says, then Anakin would be labelled as a traitor to the Republic and would be massacred by clone troopers.

44. The Death of General Grievous
General Grievous held four lightsabers at once! I thought that was neat.
{I have no comment on this one}

45. The Shabbiest Jedi
What Chef says is actually pretty funny. I liked the "owned" flashes. The whole scene is ridiculous, but hilarious. The funniest thing I find is that Mace Windu just watches and does nothing while his companions get slaughtered. The Jedi could learn a little trick from the clone troopers and attack one enemy all at once rather than standing around and waiting for their turn to fight.

46. Palpatine's Silly Lightsaber Faces
Yeah, I don't understand why this is necessary. I think it's attempting to show that Palpatine is trying to release his anger which would allow him to draw some force power. However, he ends up losing his lightsaber anyways so it was all for nothing. What a shame....

47. "No! No! No!"
Potentially the worst line in the movie. Originally it made me cringe, but after my 5th viewing of the movie I just laugh my ass off. In fact, I'm pretty much laughing through the entire Mace/Palpatine duel. I don't think the little kids and parents in the theatre appreciated my laughing, as this scene seemed to terrify the younger crowd.

48. What's Anakin Thinking?
Anakin is thinking inwards like a Sith in ROTS, as he saves Palpatine for his own personal interests (ie. keeping Padme alive). In ROTJ, Anakin is thinking outwards like a Jedi since he prioritizes keeping his son alive over himself.

I also don't understand why Palpatine continues firing the lightning. Perhaps he is trying to piss Mace Windu off to the point where Mace will decide to kill him rather than arrest him. Evidentally Palpatine accomplished his goal.

49. Palpatine's Whining
Yep, he's playing Anakin all right. It's a good thing he built a strong relationship with Anakin.

50. Force Lightning & Scarring
I think simply allowing Palpatine to age would be a little bit far fetched. He is clearly disgusting in ROTJ. I used to hate looking at the Emperor in ROTJ when I was a child. He creeped me out.

In all fairness, Chef chose the worst looking picture of Sidious possible. There were times in the movie where he looked extremely similar to the ROTJ Emperor. A couple of scenes that come to mind are immediately after Palpatine puts the cloak on and the later scenes between Anakin and Palpatine on Mustafar and in the Coruscant medical facility. I don't know what's wrong with his face while he is battling Yoda.

Palpatine's Voice after killing Windu
I don't understand why it was necessary to make it sound like Palpatine was having some of the worst indigestion of his life.

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Posted 12 July 2005 - 09:51 PM

palpatine may have been having "strong" relations with anikan, but if one of my best friends was shooting lightening out of hands at an authority figure yelling "POW3RRR!!!!11!!! UNL1M173D P0WW3RR!!!111!!" as i walked into the room, i'd be a bit taken back... thinking it was cool he'd have me on his side already, but if he suddenly switched it off and started meowing like a cat at me trying to act all innocent, "please help me i'm a cripple" i'd be offended that anyone thought i was that dumb and help kick my 'friends' ass!!!

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