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After posting a response to ChefElf's Reasons to Hate articles I received an email invitation to join the new ChelElf forum and obediantly I did so. It has been extremely entertaining since.

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Topics I've Started

  1. Happy Six Year Anniversary (Belated)

    Posted 26 Nov 2009

    Well as I can't put this topic in the Information Desk as only Chef can do that I thought it might be nice to mention a rather belated Happy 6th Anniversary to Night Life.

    Chef you were a day late in remembering the 5th Anniversary and had to spend the night on the couch. I shudder to think what she will do to you now that you're nearly a month late ;-)

    Happy Anniversary and love to All!

  2. Star Wars - The TV Series

    Posted 26 Apr 2005

    Well people have talked about Star Wars becoming a TV series to explore what happens to our favourite characters at the conclusion of Return of the Jedi. Looks like they were a little off the mark:

    Star Wars TV Show

    Interesting! Wonder what has prompted this?
  3. Fan Fiction from Helena

    Posted 9 Jan 2005

    Hi All,

    I strongly suggest that anyone reading within the Star Wars Topic area should go and have a look at the following link in the Screening Room. This is some Fan Fiction written by Helena and I believe (along with Movie Goer) is very much worth the read - particularly for those of you that would like to discuss the various ways in which the fall to the dark side should be held.

    I am of the opinion that quite a few people may have read some of this material. If you have then share the love and let Helena know what you think - and us as well. There is nothing like a good discussion to fire it up.

    Screening Room & Helena's Writing

    Now! Be of with you all and get some reading done and then come back her and tell everyone what you think.

    P.S. Hope that was not to forward of me Helena, but you did express that you would like more opinions and I consider myself to be a man of action as well as words. Feel free to slap me publicly if I have overstepped the bounds of common decency and curtesy. crying.gif
  4. Les Miserables The Musical

    Posted 21 Jun 2004

    Just thought I'd put this up in it's own location for people to comment. It will also prove easier to keep track of the attempt to recite the musical. biggrin.gif

    JAVERT: Now bring me prisoner 24601, your time is up, and your parole's begun. You know what that means.
  5. Happy Birthday Laura

    Posted 21 Dec 2003

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Laura!!!!!

    I don't believe we've met, but I noticed your listed on the forum as having a birthday today and thought it important to wish you well on this fabulous day.

    I hope you get everything you want.

    I now also have a question. With a birthday so close to Christmas do you often find that the two days get squashed together? My birthday is the 29th so I'm curious how it goes for other close to Christmas kids smile.gif

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