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  1. In Topic: Clone Wars Movie Premiers

    Posted 15 Aug 2008

    I read a review today about the lack of character development, how action was just thrust upon the audience in every minute. It made me think of ANH and just how slow it actually was at times. Like most people, I enjoyed the slow pace, because the development
    (both character and universe) was the intriguing part. That is what sucked us in. That is what made us imagine the expansiveness of the galaxy far far away. That is what made us willing to wait and support a PT. The action is great, but at the end of the day, kids and adults do not want to replay or reimagine the same battle they saw in the film, they want enough interesting characters and an endless canvass on which to project the expansive creative nature of the mind.
  2. In Topic: new Indiana Jones

    Posted 13 Aug 2008

    14) Indy not knowing Spalco's name 5 minutes after she told him
    15) 10 Soviets breaking into a "top secret" American base
    16) The ancient indigenous warriors that looked cool, but did nothing. deus ex machina any one?
    17) The 50s nostalgia that baby boomers, like Lucas and Speilberg, are obsessed with.
    18) The lack of a coherent plot
  3. In Topic: Clone Wars Movie Premiers

    Posted 12 Aug 2008

    How is this the greatest story never told? Wasn't there a cartoon that ran for several seasons before this movie?

    This travesty will make millions for Lucas. Unfortunately, this presents a quandry: is the inability to self edit a blessing or a major flaw?

  4. In Topic: The Dark Knight

    Posted 7 Aug 2008


    I admire your honesty. And your points about movie violence are refreshing, in an era in which violence in movies keeps getting crazier and crazier.

    While I disagree with your impression of the movie, I enjoyed the review. It is nice to see criticism.
  5. In Topic: 'The Clone Wars' Leaked Trailer

    Posted 6 Aug 2008

    I also love that according to his bio, Rotta just disappears conveintly before ANH. It reminds me of Poochie going back to his home planet and dying during the journey.

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