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Nate told me to post something. As nobody was posting anything at the time, I felt obliged. ):
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  1. i just finished eating a delicious chicken dinner

    Posted 1 Apr 2007

    it was really good (:
  2. nihongo wo hanashimasuka.

    Posted 25 Jan 2006

    こんこん みんあさ んwwヽ (ー`)ノ ITTい っしょに 日本語を 話しまし ょうね
    日本語は あたしの 母語じゃ ありませ んだでど すごいで すね

    今 あたしは 「ニュウ コップ」 じゃあり ませんか ら「ヘン チュウマ ン」です ね
    面白 いとおも います
  3. Nebulous NMD Relationships

    Posted 2 Jun 2004

    You guys at LNE are always talking about Not My Des, and to a lesser extent, The Brunching Shuttlecocks, as if they were the fifth and sixth Redcloud brothers (not counting those fake brothers.) I found this site through an ad on Not My Desk, you guys all know each other? There is a relationship between these sites but it is quite nebulous, thus the subject line. huh.gif
  4. C:TPTF Part 2

    Posted 4 Dec 2003

    Hey! Did anyone else notice in the latest episode of C:TPTF that there were not one, not two, but THREE typographical errors. Of two distinct varieties and in the very first sentence, no less!

    "So it was that Prince Green and Prince Browns war torn kingdoms launched into an epic war. "

    This should ACTUALLY be written as "So it was that Prince Greens' and Prince Browns' war-torn kingdoms launched into an epic war. "

    This disregard to the ancient traditions of hyphenation and apostraphenation is a smack in the face to die-hard fans of the series.

    *sigh* Nate's so rebellious. wub.gif
  5. Ninja Versus Pirates

    Posted 5 Nov 2003

    First and foremost, the plural of ninja is simply ninja. The singlular and plural forms are identical such as with the words "deer" and "Pikachu."

    I feel that I have my fingers far from the pulse of the community whenever the subject of ninja versus pirates comes up.

    What is the origin of said conflict? Not even the massive library of Google contains details on this epic struggle.

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