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  1. A band in touch with its fan base

    Posted 1 Nov 2005

    This is a quote from the official website of a band I've recommended in another thread, Stellastarr*. Its from the message boards, on which the lead singer Shawn Christensen posts on an impressively regular basis.

    I hope he doesn't mind me copying it onto here but I thought I'd share this with anyone who might find it interesting, and also plug a band who have a refreshingly respectful relationship with their fans, especially on the current hot topic of copyright laws and downloading music.

    Well tonight is our second night of the Sweet Troubled Soul video shoot. We film from 6pm – 6 in the morning in a 90 degree warehouse deep in the bowels of Brooklyn. It is by no means glamorous, but will surely pay off in the long run. It’s an art project, as usual, with mostly animation and a dark love story involving figurines, spiders and sawed off body parts. This is romance at it’s very best.

    We have altered the track listing for the record, opting to remove a song called ‘Precious Games’ and replacing it with ‘Stay Entertained’. It seemed that friends and affiliates close to us were responding positively to ‘Stay Entertained’ and through further sequences we decided it somehow balanced the record more. Plus, many of you already know it from the live sets and there isn’t very much familiarity for the die hard fans right now with the exception of ‘On My Own’. ‘Precious Games’ will instead be released through itunes as an exclusive track.

    We have fought Sony/BMG about recent developments in there copy protected cds. The FBI has stepped in and the higher-ups at Sony are forcing ALL artists from this year forward to abide by there ill-advised rules. This is one battle we have unfortunately lost. Obviously, they have no clue about what the future of music holds for the masses. What does this mean for you? Well, nothing really, except that it will take you one extra step to put any Sony/BMG record into your ipod, including ours. You don't need to download software or go to any websites, it's already in your computer. It just takes another step to grab it from a different folder inside your system. Right before our record drops, I will post a detailed memo on the homepage of our new site, outlining the extra step it will take inside your laptops and desktops to get our record into your ipod/itunes ASAP. I’m not sure if it’s considered a loophole or not, but we will expose it to the masses anyway.

    Another thing we're pissed off about is this large heinous FBI logo that they make you stick on the back of the package, which is already 1/6th the size of a vinly LP and can barely hold enough artwork as it is. Luckily, we have found certain loopholes in their 'specifications' to make this ugly symbol seem less obtrusive and also less of a detriment to the artwork. I wish we were a big enough act to fight and whine and bitch and get our way, but this is some new fucked up law in the Sony/BMG tornado that is sweeping us along with it.
    So sorry for the inconvenience.

    One last thing. Our release date in the UK is still being worked out, but we sure as hell will be visiting in November, regardless of when the record drops. Someone needs to invite me to be a goalie in a good game of Football (or Soccer as they call it here). I haven't played in years. I probably suck, but it's worth a shot.

    Back to bed,
  2. Moral dilemmas

    Posted 6 Oct 2005

    This may or may not be a hypothetical situation, but I thought I'd get you guyses thoughts.

    Ok, what if you were in a position where the person you worked for was doing something that is completely wrong for a client, and may cost them a lot of money, but the money coming in from the deal may be the difference between whether they could afford to pay your wages next month or not.

    Should you try and do something to stop it, or just do your job and let it go?
  3. Ronnie Barker

    Posted 4 Oct 2005

    Tribute to a great man who died yesterday.

    When people talk about the greatest British sitcoms of all time, Ronnie Barker should never be far from their thoughts.

    A truly great career in comedy included The Frost Report, The Two Ronnies, Porridge and Open All Hours. One of the finest comedy actors and writers of our time will be sadly missed by all.

    1929 - 2005
  4. Happy Birthday Marky

    Posted 19 Sep 2005

    Allow me to be the first for the best wishage.

    Author of Madman, Obscure Literature Quoter and Soon-To-Be-Living-In-The-Same- City-As-Me.

    Have a good one mate!
  5. Rockstar in 'controversial game' shocker!

    Posted 17 Aug 2005

    There's probably a case for moving this to the game room, but I thought I'd draw attention to this story as some recurring night-life themes crop up here, including Rockstar getting in trouble, Rockstar gaining muchos publicity for being in trouble and people who love to complain complaining about something.

    Bully for you (possibly)

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