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Seeking others who also were completely disgusted by the Prequel Trilogy!

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  1. Earth Pwns Comet

    Posted 8 Jul 2005

    PlanetFargo: Earth Pwns Comet
    This week, an important news brief from PlanetFargo.
    By Dave 'Fargo' Kosak | July 7, 2005

    Pasadena, California -- NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory has announced the successful completion of their "Deep Impact" mission to the Comet Tempel 1, resulting in the comet getting completely pwned. As planned, a flyby spacecraft jettisoned a smaller impact probe, which came up behind the comet and totally put the smack down.

    After the impact, the flyby probe swung into action. Its job after the collision was to pull out a combat knife, run up to the comet, and then stab the corpse repeatedly while waiting for the next round to start. It also jumped up and down.

    "The pwnage of comet Tempel 1 represents an enormous and important milestone in our efforts to understand -- and ultimately to completely cream -- the known universe," JPL Director Charles "sl@md@ddy" Elachi explained in a press conference immediately after the impact. "Lollerz!!! !!" he added.

    "WTF?" the comet reportedly said.

    The historic pwnage is another in a long string of recent JPL successes, which included the Mars landing of the Spirit and Opportunity rovers (read GameSpy's less-than-glowing review).

    Tension was high in the mission control center during the final crucial minutes of the match. All eyes were turned on the large monitors showing visual feeds and data from the flyby satellite. Then the room erupted into cheers and screaming as the mission control voice boomed, "Headshot!"

    "Teams!" the comet yelled.

    NASA has been undergoing a series of changes in recent decades as space exploration continues to shift toward unmanned missions. The 'old guard' of staunch engineers and scientists who cut their teeth during the space-race and Apollo missions are gradually being replaced by eager young scientists raised on video games, many of whom believe the moon landing was faked after they saw that one show on Fox News. These younger scientists are eager to catalog and systematically pwn the known universe. "That's right, bitch!" Director of Flight Operations Samuel "|<rayzee|<1ll3r" Brockman screamed into voice chat after the impact. "You go back to the oort cloud you snowy mother[expletive deleted]." Then he started high-fiving.

    The President, who had been closely monitoring the pwnage from Airforce One, called shortly after impact to personally congratulate the team behind the win. "GG," he said.

    "Werd," Elachi replied. "Thx."

    Found it here!

    Lollerz! !!!
  2. Vader eating...

    Posted 24 Jun 2005

    Stupid doubt sprung to my mind.

    How does Darth Vader eat? He can't remove his mask, can he?

    Maybe he's been slurping astronaut rations all these years!
    Who knows.
    Or maybe he likes it enema-style (very poor absorption, though).
  3. One Batman Begins Nitpick

    Posted 24 Jun 2005

    Saw the movie yesterday and found it really great.
    I was kind of "afraid" of it, as i found the other ones pretty average... and being a Batman fan (not a fanatic), I was waiting for a a decent batmovie to come along.

    Soooo... just *one* little thing I would like to ask y'all:

    The microwave cannon, I think, worked like your basic microwave oven... that is, by heating water (until eventually vaporizing it), like the movie depicted.

    My doubt is, why didn't it heat the water the human body contains?!
    You know, like when those crazy mommas put their babies in the microwave and they go "Kshhhhhhhh-boiled" .
    That was odd, because it heated and vaporized the piped water almost instantly, but didn't seem to affect at all the people near the pipes.

    Maybe the cannon "shot" directly to the pipes or something like that.
    I didn't really noticed that being mentioned... maybe because I was too entertained with the movie and only thought of this afterwards! wink.gif

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