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Seeking others who also were completely disgusted by the Prequel Trilogy!

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  1. In Topic: Obsessions

    Posted 11 Sep 2005

    Right now I'm really into The Arcade Fire's album "Funeral". pinch.gif
  2. In Topic: Another God topic

    Posted 11 Sep 2005

    QUOTE (ion eon @ Sep 9 2005, 12:36 AM) interesting proposition eh.  Is he there is he real????  I think so but others don't i wasn't around for the first God-related topic so I guess i am curious as to what everyone here's position on the subject is.

    According to me:

    No, he isn't there. Therefore, he isn't "real".
  3. In Topic: A funny thing happened...

    Posted 11 Sep 2005

    This drag dressing story really seems like an episode of "That 70s Show", where Jacky gets Kelso to dress up like a woman... because it's glam or something like that.
    There isn't no greedy younger brother, though!

    Hehehehe! smile.gif
  4. In Topic: What are you reading?

    Posted 14 Aug 2005

    QUOTE (Hari Seldon @ Jul 22 2005, 04:10 PM)
    I'm reading the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", currently on the fourth book of the trilogy of five.
    And started reading them before the movie was mentioned around here. And, might I add even without having seen it: it sucks. It has to.

    My premonitory capacity was right. Although it sucked even more than I predicted.
  5. In Topic: Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

    Posted 14 Aug 2005

    I finished reading the 5 book trilogy some 2 weeks ago and saw the movie yesterday.

    It was even worse than I imagined it. This is mainly because: a) the jokes they made up are almost always not funny; b ) the jokes they modified turn lousy; c) the modifications and/or new stuff in the plot is just poorly glued together; d) they omit lots of good parts of the book.
    And mainly, it's a completely boring and vulgar hollywood-esque movie. Bah.

    Glad I saved my ticket money and saw it first (and last) in divx. dry.gif

    EDIT: The "b )" in the list comes up as a cool dark-glassed smiley... heh.

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