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I hate the Prequels!!
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  1. In Topic: DOH! Why didn't I see this before!

    Posted 26 Aug 2005

    I am not sure I got everything but I think you're quite right... the prequels are so twisted... I have never been a gothic fan but your explanaition seems logic... I kinda see the similarities (is that english) between Anakin and Bruce Wayne now!
  2. In Topic: Let Darth Vader read your mind

    Posted 23 Aug 2005

    Even darth vadder don't know what a midiclorian is
  3. In Topic: LEGO SW

    Posted 15 Aug 2005

    Hi people!

    Well thanks for your comments, that was cool... I have rented it this week-end and well I agree with Sith Avenger about the multiplayer... really good fun... In sigle player the game is nothing revolutionary but my girlfriend loves the graphics... Maybe she will buy it... smile.gif

    See ya!

    Helena: what post are you talking about? anyway sorry I don't want to mess around here or offend or something... I'll be careful
  4. In Topic: chefelf's missing nitpick

    Posted 11 Aug 2005

    episode 3 it is just so lame...Lucas should have shown anakin drawing his suit, like peter parker in spiderman... that could have been funny... Mel Brooks, do you hear me?
  5. In Topic: 91 Reasons to Hate Episode III

    Posted 11 Aug 2005

    Gomer-Piled Posted Yesterday, 09:51 PM
    As for your "criticisms" of the OT.

    Han = Cowboy. At least he wasn't wearing a cowboy hat and spurs, and THEN I would've said Star Wars sucked, but he didn't. He clothes were subtlely designed.

    Chewbacca' s 'Tarzan Yell' It sucked in ROTJ and it sucks in ROTS, too.

    You know Reinaldovader, even if I could speak your language, you'd still come across as an arrogant Euro-trash asshole.

    Why every time a dumb american feels threaten by an european does he call him arrogant euro-trash? Does it means that we europeans can only argue with smart americans? Dumb american, please let us enlight you, listen and throw away this whooper... laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif

    I have no problems with any country and/or continent... only with paranoiacs

    Well Reinaldovader... I just can't understand you think that rots it's the best SW movie... and of course if there's rubbish scenes in the oldies, well it s more than balanced with the good, very good elements... The PT had so much potential that it makes me sad to see it wasted...

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