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I found about the reasons to hate Episode II on a board on

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  1. Aliens

    Posted 12 May 2006

    Is anyone here fan of the Alien movie saga? I love the Alien movies, the aliens are so cute.

    Lovable, isn't he? wub.gif

    The Alien is one of the best sci-fi creatures ever created in my opinion and the movies are great. Alien is a wonderful horror movie thanks for its great atmoshphere and Aliens is one of the most thrilling action movies ever. So, anyone here likes the Alien movies?
  2. The Revolution has been renamed

    Posted 27 Apr 2006

    The Nintendo Revolution has changed it's name to the weirdest name in the history of ever. Are you ready for it?

    It's called 'Wii''.
    Nope, I'm not joking. (It isn't April 1st.) Wii will be the Revolution's name.

  3. Barend has reached 8000 posts.

    Posted 22 Dec 2005

    Sh*t, now he's unstoppable! yell.gif

    Anyways, Congratulations!
  4. Mario Kart

    Posted 12 Dec 2005

    Attention to all the DS owners! Mario Kart DS is out and it's arguably the best Mario Kart game to date. It returns to the original formula of using just 1 character per kart. It also includes the new Mission Mode and the ability to play with anyone in the world using the DS Wi-Fi connection. It also has cool new tracks and some good form the past games.

    Now, I think MK is the best racing franchise. Does somebody els agree with me?
  5. Happy Birthday Michel Orla!

    Posted 9 Dec 2005

    Happy Birthday Michel Orla! You're now turning 28 and everybody in Chefelf (well, at least me) wants to congratulate you for your 28th birthday!

    Cheers! Cakez!

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September 26, 1991
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The Interests of a Normal Teenager:<br />-Movies<br />-Things that are awesome<br />-Girls<br />-(Good) Tv shows<br />-Doing evil stuff the good way<br />-Videogames<br />-Hangin' with my friends

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