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  1. In Topic: Stormtrooper Armor:

    Posted 18 Jul 2006

    QUOTE (barend @ Jun 13 2006, 04:02 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    bumping this, because it came up recently and just stumbled upon it while looking for something else....

    (PS... anyone remember where those medieval tapesty things are on these boards that we did?)

    I remember that. I remember that I wanted to post one of those, but I couldn't because I didn't knew how to do it. Ah. Good times. smile.gif
  2. In Topic: Superman Returns . . .

    Posted 17 Jul 2006

    Jedi Arco, that review is longer than the movie! laugh.gif

    Anyways, I liked it. But it could I agree with civ. It was too long. Some editing could make this movie way better.
  3. In Topic: Why I hate the Clone Wars Volume 1

    Posted 17 Jul 2006

    I liked Clone Wrs so I'm going to counter some of your points (I agree with some).

    "1. The characters and animation look like shit. It's been awhile since I've watched an American cartoon, but Christ... I don't remember watching anything this bad."

    I think it's not really that bad, there are cartoons with worse drawings. Anyways, watching this drawing is better than seeing crappy CGI. (Where have I seen that?) Plus, you didn't do that in a minute and you know it. tongue.gif

    "2. Blatant Mr. Burns rip-off, right from the start. How did they not see he's evil?!"
    He looks like Mister Burns, but he doesn't act like Mr. Burns. Anyways, I think Jedis have never watched the Simpsons so how would they know what does Mr Burns look like? tongue.gif

    "3.Palpatine overrides Yoda and Obi-Wan's military decision. They don't like it, but they just sit there and take it."

    So, you want them to punch Palpatine or something? Soldiers have to obey their superiors no matter how dumb they are. (Like Bush commanding stuff on Iraq)

    "4. These guys ride eels and have laser lances. Right out of a cartoon from the 80s."

    They're just trying to make the SW galaxy bigger because we all know it's a smal, small galaxy... wink.gif

    "5. The Imperials also get their asses handed to them by guys with lances."

    First, the imperials didn't get owned. The CLONES were owned. And secondly, whoever made those tanks surely also made the Ewok-proof stormtrooper armor. The point is they should sue whoever made that stuff.

    "6. They rip off a scene from Akira for no reason at all. Obi-Wan gets swalled by... I think it's either wires or intestines. Something that, when it explodes, showers goo everywhere."
    Well, I don't know what Akura is, but what if the watchers have never seen Akura? Anyways, it could also be an homage.

    "7. ...Then the enemy revives itself and they rip of Terminator 2."

    I don't really think it's a rip-off, but enemies reviving is so common.

    "8. An entire clone trooper fleet gets destroyed and, aside from a backwards glance by Anakin, no one gives a shit. Just because they're clones, doesn't mean they can't feel."

    So you wanted a scene showing their Jedi general crying or something? People don't care about other people dying in the battlefield unless they know them.

    "9. Anakin chases a Sith against Obi-Wan's direct orders.

    “Do not follow that ship! Anakin, do you hear me?! DO NOT FOLLOW THAT SHIP! THAT IS AN ORDER! ANAKIN!!”

    “Sorry, sir. Your signal’s breaking up.”

    “Padawan, if you-“

    Holy shit. I'd take his other hand for something like that. Since when did Obi-Wan become such a pussy?"

    Obi isn't a pussy, but did you want him to shout "GET HERE YOU FUCKING PUSSY!" or chase him or something like that?

    "10. After Anakin abandons his misison, disobeys a direct order and follows a Sith into an obvious trap, Obi-Wan feels the need to pull out the "I have a bad feeling about this" line."

    Well, he had a bad feeling because as you say, it's obviously a trap. So?

    I agree with the Mace Windu ones. That was way too stupid, but I don't really take it seriously.

    "15. On... some snow planet (I wasn't paying too much attention by now), Yoda goes to rescue two trapped Jedi. Padme, a senator, insists that she comes along to help Yoda, a Jedi-fuckin'-master. Yoda explains that dangerous, it is. Padme, a senator, is sure that he'll need her help. Yoda leaves her behind (score one point for the Clone Wars DVD)."

    What' s so bad about that? There are people who like to help other people even if they don't need help.

    "16. Padme decides that Yoda might be in trouble. So she decides to run into the blizzard to save him. She is attacked immediately and tricks C3-P0 into drawing out the enemies. When the enemies appear... SHE THROWS A FUCKING GRENADE AT HIM!"

    Why should she care about 3-PO? He's just a droid. If he dies, she can just buy another one at the mall.

    "17. When Padme meets up with Yoda she asks, "What troubles you master Yoda?" and it hit me, "Why the fuck are these two people talking to each other?"... I don't know. It just bothers me. He's more social than I had expected."

    Just because he's a Jedi Master doesnt' mean that he can't have a life. wink.gif

    "18. Anakin gives into his anger and kills a Sith. Which paves the way for him to do the exact same thing in RotS (She's not a real Sith. There's only two real Sith, as Yoda pointed out. I guess it doesn't count against them because she only lasts about three minutes)."

    First, she does not die. Secondly, she wan't trained in the Sith ways, so technically she's not a Sith.

    "19. Shaggy the Jedi freaks the hell out when he hears Grevious is coming. And just like the real Shaggy, he takes off and runs straight into the guy he's trying to run from."

    Is Shaggy dying a bad thing? I liked it. smile.gif
  4. In Topic: The Misadventures of Palpatine

    Posted 30 Jun 2006

    Summer is here again! Lots of free time! Yay!

    Now, will we ever see the battle between Lucas and Jackson?
  5. In Topic: Superman Returns . . .

    Posted 29 Jun 2006

    And just because you didn't like the movie, we won't like it too? Anyways, I pray that I will like it, because I've been dying to see this movie.

    So, what's wrong with the movie according to you?

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