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  1. In Topic: Jesus Death - Suicide?

    Posted 22 Dec 2009

    I would love to see G Lucas's take on Passion of the Christ ... in fact I would be prepared to wait another decade for Howard the Duck II if only to make time for G Lucas's: Christ Wars!
  2. In Topic: Jesus Death - Suicide?

    Posted 20 Dec 2009

    I can understand the refusal to renege on beliefs etc to be defined as martydom - eg William Wallace - but Jesus knew he was to be captured and in fact expedited his capture, the very definition of a 'death wish' and what is a 'death wish' if not a prelude to suicide?

    That said, I would love to see a new biblical epic directed by G Lucas where Jesus and the Disciples are played by little people.

    Three words: BOX OFFICE GOLD
  3. In Topic: Jesus Death - Suicide?

    Posted 20 Dec 2009

    View Post civilian_number_two, on 18 December 2009 - 06:09 PM, said:

    You're crazy. Patrick Bateman. I love it.

    Jesus knew he was to be killed for the things he was saying, and he refused to renege on them when given the chance. That is martyrdom, not suicide. Like if you were captured by enemies to your faith/people/army, and under duress you were given an opportunity to sell your people/country/beliefs out in exchange for your life. Refusal to do so is not suicide.
  4. In Topic: Jesus Death - Suicide?

    Posted 18 Dec 2009

    "I honestly don't see how anyone could mistake the story of Jesus's crucifixion as suicide, but pertaining to Gobbler's question, Jesus is actually quoting a Psalm."

    I suppose what makes Jesus death comparable to suicide is that he not only knew he was going to die and did nothing to thwart his death but in fact helped the course of events along by telling Judas (at the Last Supper) to basically hurry along with the betrayal. If he really felt he was doing others a service through his death then perhaps it could be classed as suicide with a noble purpose ... but suicide all the same.

    Also ... isn't it interesting that in Mark (generally considered the earliest gospel) Jesus seems far more human and far less divine with regard to the cruxifiction - he seems to be acting a hell of a lot more like someone wondering whether this was all going to go to plan (that God would intervene and save him) than a divine being who was certain of coming events.

    If he is in hell however I assume that makes it a whole lot less horror inflicting, like adding cold water to hot to make nice lukewarm water/infinite punishment
  5. In Topic: LEft out of the Bible

    Posted 1 Mar 2006

    I believe that everything is everything and we should all expend all our energy on having a good time and - if there's some energy left over - being nice to other people

    At the end of the day, if what I do makes me happy and doesn't harm you, then please let me be.

    Everything that 'religion' is distressed by - homosexuality, drugs etc - comes down in the end to ... is it hurting anyone?

    If not then let it be.

    If so then stop.

    We all have a limited amount of heartbeats, time is precious, I intend to use it making myself happy.

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