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  1. Audition Tapes

    Posted 27 Aug 2006

    Interesting how little was written with regards to the screenplay during the times of audition. Listen to the dialogue, it's hilarious.

    http: //

    Luke: "Well, for one reason, we don't have your other five thousand."
    Han: "Well who's going to pay me?"
    Luke: "I think there are some things we should talk about..."
    Han: "I'm beginning not to like you."
    Han: "Well how much you think she's talking about?"
    Luke: "A million at least."

    Mark even later calls Harrison "Hans". Awesome. biggrin.gif
  2. Jonathan Hales

    Posted 7 May 2006

    Anyone know why he didn't help write ROS? Was it his choice or Georges?

    Something I've been curious about for a while.
  3. Fly, R2, Fly

    Posted 22 Feb 2006

    Was just watching the OT Star Wars, where R2-D2 was a normal droid.

    It thus begged the question: Is there anything in all the PT quite as repugnant at R2-D2 flying in AOTC? Who was the asshole son-of-a-bitch at Lucasfilms that thought that one up? Since Lucas now does nothing without clearance from his gang of shit-head lackeys, I wonder who it was who thought it would be cool that R2 should all of a sudden fly?

    Why would he fly?


    I know this thread has been made countless time before, but I felt inclined to make it one more time.

    Why? Why?
  4. Luke & Tatooine

    Posted 22 Feb 2006

    So, uh, I guess Luke wasn't born on Tatooine after all - but instead he was born on Coruscant.

    Doesn't that not rock, or what?
  5. Trying to remember the title of this book...

    Posted 18 Jan 2006

    I had a Star Wars picture book when I was a kid that I always thought was titled "The Rogue Moon" or something to that effect, however when I do a search on Google or Yahoo for the title or variations there-of, nothing comes up.

    Basically, the story goes like this: a moon or asteroid is streaking toward the Rebel Base (I believe it might have been Yavin) and Luke has to take it out with his X-Wing Fighter. His fighter gets pretty damaged in the process, but he ends up destroying it at the last second. From what I remember (keeping in mind I was something like four or five years old when I had it) the story was absolutely riveting and the art was pretty cool too. smile.gif

    Anyhow, for sentimental reasons, I was wondering if anyone knew of the book I am talking about?

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