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  1. In Topic: It's funny laugh

    Posted 15 Oct 2007

    Don't look elsewhere on that site. I'm not saying that to dare you. Just don't.

    Ah! I just did... sad.gif
  2. In Topic: Order 66 And Other Things

    Posted 5 Oct 2007

    QUOTE (Toru-chan @ Sep 18 2007, 10:18 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    I'm playing Battlefront 2 at the moment on Barend's recommendation I could go Ewok and Gungan hunting. The DVD should come with some fake hides and heads to nail to your wall.

    There are a few mistakes in BF2 I've noticed: For one, the "Fighting 501st" is an Elite Clone unit. How the hell do you have an Elite Clone unit? The narrator, a Kiwi-dude and maybe even the big TM himself is pretty good. His narrations sound very Nam, and a little bit too pensive for obedient clones. You can almost imagine 'Adagio for Strings' (Platoon) playing through his narrations.

    Few comments on BF2 was going to post separately:

    BF2 isn't a bad game. It does put you into the action, and unlike BF1 it has some objectives. BF1 was a case of just-kill-everything and you'll win. I'd end a game with 93 enemy units to my name. The AI players would ave maybe 10.

    BF1 and BF2 are not the least bit realistic unfortunately - a squad-style Star Wars game would have been nice, but LucasArts have instead decided to make it very arcadey. Reinforcements pop out of thin air. Objectives are often not convincing. In BF2 you're forced to fight battles as scripted, or you lose. And I wish for once the AI soldiers would group together so we could hit targets hard, instead of running off one-by-one and getting killed one-by-one. The linear mission structure is a drag. I'd rather lose and follow a different storyline. When you control a Jedi, no skill at all. Just mash the buttons spin wildly and you'll kill hundreds of enemies.

    Worth a look, but I hope one day LucasArts do something that can insert you into a realistic universe. <== Yes. That may be an oxymoron.

    The game was entertaining. But what pissed me off was the Blockade Runner mission. The Rebel forces are limitless on the Corvette. Their numbers should be finite, but no - there are limitless numbers of Rebels and only a hundred or so Imperials. I know it was to make the level tougher, but it was still ridiculous.
  3. In Topic: Darth Father

    Posted 31 Jul 2007

    I wonder what Gary Vader is up to today?
  4. In Topic: Contradictions, Plot holes between the Trilogies

    Posted 30 Jul 2007

    I'm not sure there is an actor alive that could believably deliver that 'Sand is scratchy not like you' line. Harrison Ford would just refuse to say it. Ewan McGregor would offer to do a nude scene instead. Frank Oz Yoda wouldn't either, but ILM CGI Yoda would!

    Almost need a Shakespearean actor to deliver the clunker.
  5. In Topic: Favorite Quote from ROTJ

    Posted 4 Jul 2007

    "Come Han, old buddy, don't let me down."

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