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  1. Belated L&E News

    Posted 14 Dec 2007

    I'm finally getting around to posting that I updated the comics software so you may now post comments on individual posts. I've also been updating daily with an updated version of the Lance and Eskimo Holiday Special, set to finale on Christmas! Enjoy!

    http: //
  2. New LauraNotes: Stalking Darkness

    Posted 14 May 2007

    Check out the old LauraNotes page and scroll down--there's now a complete set of summaries/analysis for Stalking Darkness, the sequel to Luck in the Shadows.
  3. Lance and Eskimerchandise

    Posted 28 Apr 2007

    I spent some time today finally brushing the cobwebs out of my cafepress store. Did you know they took down all our ill-advised nonsensical geek t-shirt designs for copyright violations? I didn't! (Oh, but the Laura Is Stupid store still exists. Don't really remember what THAT'S all about.)

    Anyway, now you can buy merchandise, some with the new logo (the one from the comics main page) , some with a new "Attack Kitten" design, here. Could this be the year I finally sell something??

    But here's what I'm really excited about: black T-shirts featuring the famed photograph of Grand Moff Tarkin.
  4. Thanks, anonymous donor!

    Posted 24 Apr 2007

    Thanks to whoever posted a transcription of Monday's comic (on the Ohnorobot transcription server by the lovely Ryan North)! Lance and Eskimo is almost exhaustively searchable thanks to our combined efforts. Excellent stage directions, too.

    search Lance and Eskimo:
  5. Let's spice up this forum with DEMOCRACY!

    Posted 23 Apr 2007

    Cast your votes. There will be no effect on the comic, largely because the cutest pirate contest only really exists in Eskimo's head.

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