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Just a random chance. After I read some of the "Reasons to Hate Star Wars" lists, I was hooked.
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  1. In Topic: Microsoft: HALO is the New Star Wars

    Posted 4 Feb 2009

    Halo had its half-decade of glory in the gaming world, but it never penetrated mainstream popular culture the way Star Wars did. Heck, just the fact that the Halo team chooses to compare their game to Star Wars, rather than a more relevant example like Mario or Zelda, shows that they grossly overestimate the brilliance of their own product. Looking back on Halo now, I can't really think of anything truly revolutionary about it, unless you consider having a solid sci-fi plot and great multiplayer in an FPS game to be revolutionary.

    Let's see this statement for what it is: a grandiose publicity stunt designed to whip up hype. Thing is, I don't think it's going to work. The franchise is already starting to give off a distinctly stale odor, and I doubt Halo Wars is going to make the same splash in the RTS genre that Halo made in the FPS genre.
  2. In Topic: Clone Wars Movie Premiers

    Posted 16 Dec 2008

    I've watched most of the episodes. It has its ups and downs, with the ups being purely mediocre and the downs being twenty minutes of utter torture (the episode "Bombad Jedi", which features the delightful tag team of C-3P0 and Jar Jar Binks, springs to mind). The writing is incredibly amateurish and squanders some fairly promising premises in order to appeal to the kiddies. Ahsoka is an obnoxious Mary Sue who is proven right at every turn in every episode at the expense of every other character. This apparently serves to stoke the egos of the hyperactive tweens who are the core of the Clone Wars viewership, but it makes every other character in Star Wars seem like an ignorant twit that needs a whiny teenager to point out even the most blatantly obvious solutions to problems.
  3. In Topic: Should TIE Fighters in ESB:R be Blue or GRAY?

    Posted 14 Nov 2008

    I like them just the way they are. Honestly, I don't really approve of any edits of the OT, official or otherwise. It was great from the get-go, inconsistencies and all. This guy obviously puts a lot of work into his edit, and all power to him, but it's not my cup of tea.
  4. In Topic: 91 Reasons to Hate Episode III

    Posted 10 Nov 2008

    She also makes a mercifully brief appearance in Episode II as a Twi'lek bar fly in the Coruscant cantina. She looks jarringly out of place in that scene too.
  5. In Topic: Clone Wars Movie Premiers

    Posted 6 Nov 2008

    Toru-chan, you've hit the nail on the head. There are plenty of good shows out there that are technically meant for kids but reach a larger audience because their storytelling fundamentals are strong. The Clone Wars apologists don't get it; just because it's for kids doesn't excuse it from being quality entertainment. It speaks volumes about their respect for young fans when they casually assume that it's okay for children's programming to suck. Where the hell is their pride in their product? Has Lucasfilm become so obsessed with the bottom line that they'll simply churn out the cheapest, fastest 'kiddie' crap they can and retroactively justify their actions by insulting the intelligence of their audience?

    Watching one episode of The Clone Wars is all it takes to answer that last question.

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