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  1. To those who hate the Ewoks.

    Posted 29 Mar 2007

    http:// www.theforce..../holocaust. html

    Maybe the Ewoks got their chastisement for being annoying little buggers and severely tainting ROTJ.
  2. Classic ANH images from

    Posted 30 Nov 2006

    The Star Wars (1977) page has some neat images that I want to share. If you'll notice, there is no way to right-click and save these images to the harddrive, so I went through the trouble of printing the screen and pasting the shots into Windows Paint, then zooming in and saving.

    Thought I should share.

  3. is pathetic.

    Posted 22 Nov 2006

    Apparently these Forcer.neters eat their own! I even took the guise of a PT-hugging vampire, and I still get punished!!

    In truth, I have warmed up to the PT at least a little bit. But I'm far from ever truly liking them.
  4. Something just occured to me.

    Posted 11 Nov 2006

    Why was Sifo-Dyas needed as a character? Chef tends to notice a lot of the 'unclear' things in Star Wars... this is one I ran across.

    Sidious evokes the help of his apprentice Darth Tyranus. Sidious tells Tyranus to hire Sifo-Dyas, a Jedi who shares his sentiments that "the Jedi aren't what they used to be" or whatever.

    They use Sifo-Dyas as a scape-goat to order the clone army on Kamino. Sifo tells the long-necked-aliens that the order is from the senate, and for whatever reason, the long-necked-aliens believe him on his word, and instantly set about making the clones.

    So Tyranus chooses the bounty hunter Jango Fett as the clone blueprint. Tells Jango all about the plan to overthrow the Jedi. But before that, Sidious orders Tyranus to slay Sifo-Dyas.

    Apparently, Sifo was a scape-goat. Apparently. Obviously.

    This is my question:

    What's the point?

    Dooku under the guise of Darth Tyranus could have went and ordered the clone army himself. It's obvious that by that time, Dooku had already left the Jedi Order, so no one would have connected him to being the one who ordered the army! And on top of that, apparently Dooku felt secure enough to spill the beans to Jango Fett!

    Was Sifo-Dyas just another useless character to thicken the storyline, and make it even more heavy? I don't get it.
  5. I HAVE to share this.

    Posted 9 Nov 2006

    I saw an early episode of "Barney and Friends" once in which Barney's suit was less flexible and a deeper, more bluish purple, his voice was deep and scary and not jovial at all, and he was playing with kids in a junked-up garage with the door closed. All I heard him say was "DANCE, CHILDREN!" and the children danced. It completely destroyed any sensation of the suspension of disbelief and looked like some child molester in a dinosaur costume playing with kids in an old, junky garage. It looked more like a good intro for a particularly disturbing horror film or an episode of "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit."

    http://imdb. com/titl...d/nest/33308189


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