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Free games seach on Yahoo to (now, to Ambrosine's Games, to Rob Blanc, to YTotW, to Polymorph, to L&E, to my own site with forums hosted on ChefElf.
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  1. In Topic: Should G Lucas be court ordered to never make another Stars Wars Film.

    Posted 19 Jan 2010

    ... This hurts my brain. I'm moving this to the Star Wars forum where it still doesn't belong but will get the appropriate attention and loathing.

    StarWars people, I apologize for this. If I could, I would post and not bump it.
  2. In Topic: Returns

    Posted 19 Jan 2010

    Salutations. I'm going to try to stick around here more frequently than never!
  3. In Topic: For old times sake

    Posted 16 Jul 2009

    Good heavens, is that a Laughlyn? I'm very pleased to have you back, fine sir, but it's been a ghost town in here for months. Nothing coherent or interesting enough to keep regulars here, and they've just about all drifted away, except for a few.

    Gobbly: You just had bad luck. It's perhaps a little egotistical to think that so many people left because of you being here. tongue.gif

    Err... What are you looking for in this thread? I am failing to comprehend it.
  4. In Topic: How to get a JOB?

    Posted 9 Jul 2009

    Jordan, any luck finding a new occupation yet? I'm starting to look around again because my employer seems to make it a point to try to make my own job suck worse with each passing week. I get a paycut, overtime paycut, and benefits reduction in the name of "job retention" at the same time they're doing massive renovations of the office right next to me, the other groups have large, catered meetings every day in the conference room on my floor, full time employees are getting raises, and the company is posting record profits. And I'm not even into all of the absurd managerial decisions designed solely to make my job difficult. tongue.gif

    My two cents: Get your resumeé out everywhere, and ask everyone you know if anybody is hiring. Networking nets a lot more jobs than blind applications.
  5. In Topic: Pointless random thoughts...

    Posted 9 Jul 2009

    By the Power of Greyskull, this place is so quiet I can hear the Ancients scheme behind the Veil.

    Excessive needless nerdy references out of the way, err... §_§

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