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  1. Diablo III

    Posted 1 Jul 2008

    No one posted this yet? It looks awesome! http://www.blizzard. com/diablo3/

    Will probably be released early 2023 or something.
  2. Madman!

    Posted 27 Mar 2006

    I send the first ten chapters of my story to a publisher, and even though it's incomplete and it's a very rough draft, I was quite happy with their answer

    “Madman,” authored my Mark Lazer, is a captivating work of fiction that focuses on a mans descent into insanity. Written in a frenetic fashion, the reader is introduced to the main character as he describes, in graphic detail, how he has just murdered a man without cause. Inviting his audience to witness the mental machinations and disjointed psychological journey his mind has embraced, he shares his abject horror and morbid fascination with the crime he has just committed. Revolted by the smell of the dead body, he meticulously explains the effect of the deed on all his senses. Throughout much of the text the man is an almost endless well of free form association and pontificate of theories which only appears lucid to him. With each page, the reader could get the sense of the characters continued slide into a greater degree of madness. Through gritty and compelling language Mr. Lazer depicts vividly the fractured emotional state of this murderer. Culminating with his commitment to a mental facility as a result of his actions, the reader gets the very real sense that this man does exist, and perhaps on some level, resides in us all.

    They didn't tell me it was a bunch of crap, anyway.
  3. The Headline Game

    Posted 26 Jan 2006

    The Headline Game is as easy as it sounds; you only have to make a headline. The news event you make up yourself as well. Only real rule is (try to) be funny,

    Downing Street: "Torture has no place in Britain."

    MTV to stop showing rap videos.
  4. Thank You For Smoking

    Posted 7 Jan 2006

    Anyone looking forward to te movie Thank You For Smoking? It's based on a novel by Chris Buckley, which you should read by the way.
  5. Dutch

    Posted 6 Dec 2005

    Nou, nou, nou, Chyldio, dit is de juiste plaats om je Nederlands te showen aan heel het forum!

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