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  1. darwin? evolution?

    Posted 16 Sep 2005

    i realize that quoting darwin to a modern biolgist is like quoting newton to a quantamphysist. but after reading origin of the species i am at a loss as to how evolution ever caught-on. it is often the case with darwins postulates that his premises are laughable and his conclusions are non sequitur. he knowingly omits important contemporary discoveries. he punctuates every argument with childish, irrelevent invectives against creationism. and (through no fault of his own) flatly contradicts modern evolution.

    in my humble opinion, the whole theory is bogus.
    so who will champion darwin? who will explain to me how the theory of evolution can be reconciled with... RATIONALITY?
  2. the art of wars

    Posted 13 Sep 2005

    hey, im new to this part of the forum, but i love books! yay for books, woohoo!
    anyway, over the years, i have read sun tzu's art of war napoleon's art of war, and i am currently reading machiavelli's art of war. i thought it would be fun to compare and contrast the three (such as, how to create, maintain, organise, disband and employ an army)-anachronisms aside. and, more importantly, in a battle royal, who of the three would win an age of empires tournament?!

    does anyone know of other art of wars? or other military classics?
  3. celebration III

    Posted 12 Sep 2005

    i realize its quite awhile after the fact, but did anyone else go to the convention? it was held in indianapolis and i live in bloomington (right down the road from) so i HAD to go. i was there all four days, from start to finish. it was a blast! unfortunatly, though, i couldnt get to see all i wanted to see, so i was just curious if anyone else had gone and wanted to talk about it; or had seen things i missed.
    i dont mean to bore anyone with a some stupid slide show, but i thought maybe, just maybe, some of you might like to see some pics...

    not that anyone cares, but heres me and my SW crew. thats me on the left.

    http://i15.photobuck. ..k/mefriends.jpg

    thats me, standing for hours out in the freezing rain (literally). but it was all worth it cuase i got to meet and greet the prequal's producer, rick mccallum!

    http: //i15.photobuck...uck/merick2. jpg

    http:/ /i15.photobuck.../whitevader. jpg

    http:/ /i15.photobuck...coutspeeder. jpg

    http:/ /i15.photobuck...uck/clonwok. jpg

    http:/ /i15.photobuck...k/jangoboba. jpg

    i got a few more comin up...
  4. has anyone noticed...

    Posted 26 Jul 2005

    so i saw ep III in the theatre the other day (for the 4th time) and i noticed that there are four dots (....) at the end of the prolouge. the i watched ep IV on dvd (for the bazillionth time) and saw that there were only three dots (...). i havent checked yet, but i think the dots vary throughout the orgiginal version, spec edition, dvd, PT and especially the video games.
  5. an 'unsolved mysteries' bulletin

    Posted 6 Jun 2005

    Mnesymone brought up a good point in another thread, just who is syfo dias? i have no idea, i thought he would be explained in ep III, but no. he is mentioned in the ep III comic book 'visionaries' but thats it. dangerous and disturbing this puzzle is...

    anyone with information regarding the missing jedi, please contact me on this post.

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