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Basically, i was just looking around for zelda stuff, and I found chefelf's article on loz level bosses.
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  1. In Topic: A Bug's Life... In My Nose

    Posted 21 Nov 2006

    ugh... bad memories. Noone believed me when I said a bug flew into my ear, until it crawled out! Ugh!
  2. In Topic: Bad Poetry

    Posted 14 Nov 2006

    Haiku for Rabies

    Foaming at the mouth
    No form and no location
    my diagnosis...

    Oh, and:

    Is anything worth fighting for?
    We're born we breathe we die.
    And as I walk down to the store,
    Knowing well my body's lore
    "The skin's the largest organ"
    Resting on my kitchen floor.
  3. In Topic: Nirvana

    Posted 24 Oct 2006

    I'm sure you don't like creed. I was making a joke. Basically, I think there shoud be more to a song than catchiness. And even though Nevermind is catchier than bleach, its also much more one dimensional. I think what you read as aimlessness in bleach, I read as innovation, or... is multifacetedness a word? Probably not. Anyway, I guess its just personal differences, and I apologize for the indie-r-than thou attitude, I just got the feeling that you were saying that a bands first responsibility was to write catchy, accessible songs.
  4. In Topic: Nirvana

    Posted 17 Oct 2006

    Bleach was good. Listen to it. Nevermind is overproduced power pop. Bleach has an edge, and the songs aren't boring clones of one another, Negative Creep, and Blew, and About a Girl, and Floyd the Barber... lisdten to the solo on Floyd the Barber. Now listen to the solo on basically any song on Nevermind that has a solo. The difference is that on Nevermind, all the solos follow the vocal rhythm. If a song starts out quietly, it'll get loud at the chorus, unless its acoustic. The riffs in Bleach rely on clever use of feedback. Listen to Blew. Nah-na-nah-KNEE. Its almost ear piercing, but it manages to be catchy. There is much less of a reliance on the already tired quiet loud dynamic in bleach. The transformations into the choruses still rule though. In Floyd, it goes from this jerky melvinsy riff to a significantly smoother one. Its great. Now its not art, or anything, But they tried loads of new stuff, and Kurt's voice is good! I mean yeah theres the angsty teenager pain in it, lah-di-da, but its got this great lurching quality to it. Its got more to it than Mark Arm's or (uck) Chris Cornells. But on Nevermind, there is zero cool feedback experimentalism, and, with the exception of the last few minutes of Drain You, aka Smell's Like Teen Spirit's overlooked, cooler brother, there is nothing REMOTELY challenging on Nevermind. Its brainless, radio ready. And I have zero respect for someone who writes songs to make more money, instead of writing them to try and... you know, do something new? And Nevermind is not new. Its the Pixies without the amatuerishness and noise. In Utero is an improvement, although I can't listen to it and think "This was supposed to push fans AWAY?" Heart Shaped box and Rape me are boring, and would have been right at home with anything on nevermind, except for the Steve Albini production, which is great.

    All Apologies for the longwindedness.

    Edit 2: Not cool my pants are on fire. Bleach is catchy, its just takes some extra effort to like it. Its called not being a douchebag who cant listen to music that isn't drowning in studio effects and reverb. Go listen to some creed, they should be like Bach to you.

    EDIT 3: Sorry, maybe a bit too harsh. I'm kinda thinking I was a douchebag for most of my freshman year...
  5. In Topic: Nirvana

    Posted 17 Oct 2006

    I like nirvana more than I did 6 months ago. But if its true, as you allege, that Kurt wasn't trying to make a grunge album with Nevermind, and was trying to add pop influence, rather than having them accidently thrust upon the album, that makes him a sellout, because the pop didn't add to the music at all. Nevermind is almost all in the same formula.

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