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  1. In Topic: Anime

    Posted 21 Oct 2005

    QUOTE (Revan-47 @ Oct 21 2005, 09:39 AM)
    DBZ rocks my face off!!!!! Dragon ball and GT are pieces of shit though.

    Rurroni Kenshin is awsome.

    HAMTARRO!!! !

    Oh no, no no friend, you've got it all wrong wink.gif

    Dragonball is comedy gold. Goku is just too cute as a kid., I used to watch it, but I can see what people mean about it being a 30 minute grunt and yell fest. GT, never saw it, don't plan to.

    As for my favorites? Oh, so many choices biggrin.gif

    Slayers is easily near the top of the pile, along with most Universal Century Gundam (Mobile Suit Gundam, 0080, 0083, etc), the Tenchi OAVs, Outlaw Star...hell, I could go on forever. Another personal favorite is Nuku Nuku, but maybe that's just my thing for catgirls talking... blushing.gif
  2. In Topic: Happy birthday to rock_dash!

    Posted 27 Sep 2005

    Woo! You guys remembered me! Hugs for all! =D

    Laughlyn, you're sort of right. I have been busy with a webcomic, but not EE. I started my own, actually, Ready or Not!

    I've been hanging out at the Comicgen (Formerly Keenspace) forums and...and stuff! Also been dealing with some rotten times in my life, but BAH! Bah to that, I say! You guys are awesome to remember me, and I promise to spend more time back over here.

    Now did somebody say cakez? XD
  3. In Topic: The Seanbaby opinion

    Posted 5 Aug 2005

    QUOTE (J m HofMarN @ Aug 4 2005, 09:51 PM)
    I found this article about what catholics are saying about SW TPM below an article about what they said about Ginger Spice. Tale a peek.


    Seanbaby' s articles should be mandatory reading in schools.
  4. In Topic: The Island

    Posted 29 Jul 2005

    QUOTE (civilian_number_two @ Jul 24 2005, 10:15 AM)
    It's none of those things. It is this, which in turn was thisbiggrin.gif

    THANK YOU, CIVVIE! I've been telling people from the first day I saw a preveiw, "They ripped off Parts: The Clonus Horror!" and of course, nobody knows what the hell I'm talking about angry.gif
  5. In Topic: Whatever happened to Liam Neeson?

    Posted 23 Jul 2005

    Whatever happened to Liam Neeson?

    He became Ras Al'goul.


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