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  1. The Chzo Mythos OST

    Posted 11 Apr 2010

    Oh, Chzo Mythos, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

    Actually lets not. Suffice to say I find the whole thing rather enjoyable. Enhanced greatly so by the music. I played through the Mythos a year and a half or so ago, rather enjoyed them, always somewhat intended to purchase the Special Editions, but never quite got round to it. Lo and behold, a friend tells me that Yahtzee's lost hold of the last plank of his sanity raft and let them all go out for free. Well, needless to say, I jumped on that particular opportunity, and am rather enjoying re-experiencing the games with commentary mode enabled.

    This is sort of intended as a thank you to Yahtzee, both for making the games and for releasing the SE's for free. Then again, he probably won't entirely care, so I'm also putting this out to anyone else who might be interested. I've taken the soundtracks to all four games and recorded the midis through a (in my opinion much-higher quality) sound font, and rendered them as .mp3s, fully ID3'd and whatnot for you iTunes hounds, and I also scrounged about on DeviantArt and made a cover and a back insert for the album.

    Hopefully someone will enjoy the new and (I think) improved renditions of Mark Lovegrove's fantastic scores (as well as the also-great music Yahtzee snitched for the first two installments), and hopefully I'm not breaking any kind of rules or anything by posting the files up here.

    Link: http://www.filefront... zo%20Mythos.rar

    NOTE: The files are all zipped up nice and tidy in a .rar file, so if you don't have it, you'll need WinRAR (conveniently enough found at to open them up.

    NOTE THE 2ND: For the sensitive-eared, the opening saw buzz of Black Celebration (the final song from 7DaS) came out REALLY loud. I thought about changing it, but then decided it kind of worked, so I left it.


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