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  1. wireless

    Posted 4 May 2007

    I just thought of this and was wondering about it:

    when I went home for break, I went into a Starbucks with my laptop, thinking I could use their internet and get some work done. But when I went to use the internet, it redirected me to this page that said something like, "You can use our internet for $n per hour!"

    So I was all like, "no way!" because why would I *pay* for internet when I can use it at school for free? What I actually wound up doing was moving to a seat near a window, and using someone else's free wireless, presumably from a store across the street or something.

    But what I was thinking about today was, the other source of free wireless was undermining Starbucks' paid wireless business. I wonder what they think about that.

    Say I lived next door to a Starbucks and I had wireless in my house and I didn't have it secured because I didn't mind other people using it. What could Starbucks do about it? They can't really make me secure my wireless because it's mine and I can do whatever I want with it.

    They could use a wireless jammer that jams everything but their own wireless. but (1) those are illegal, and, (2) if they used one with too large a radius, it would infringe upon my wireless use in my own house and that would be obnoxious.

    I'm not really sure where I was going with this, I was just curious about what other people thought.
  2. a question

    Posted 9 Jun 2006

    so, I have these layered DIVs and I want to make it so that they're sort of linked together somehow....what I mean is, for one of them I set the overflow property to 'auto' so that it has scrollbars, but when I scroll, the layers on top of it just kind of "float," they're not connected in any way to the layer with the scrollbars. I want to make it so that they are connected, meaning the scroll bars scroll *all* these layers and not just the one. anyone know what I'm talking about, or have any ideas?
  3. videos!

    Posted 6 Jun 2006

    so it's summer, (or it is here, anyway) which means it's the perfect time to sit around wasting time watching stupid funny videos on the internet. post links to your favorites here, these are some of mine:

    Polish Star Wars

    Small cat flipping out over a computer

    err, that's all I've got for now *ninja vanish* ph34r.gif
  4. Happy Birthday Sime!!!

    Posted 14 May 2006

    Happy happy 22nd to our very own Green Knight!!! May puffins prevail, and gnomes not eat you. CakeZ!!!
  5. Technology in War

    Posted 16 Feb 2005

    I was reading this article:
    http://www. nytimes.c.../2QQlU4glYLqfmQ

    What do we think of this? I think it's an interesting subject....Firstly, it's one of many examples of using technology to invent new and unusual ways to explode each other. Secondly, we shouldn't necessarily be giving robots guns. They have good reason to kill off the human race (namely, that a significant portion of it is comprised of idiots who want to kill each other anyway).

    Also, once you remove the human element of war, there will be even less hesitation to enter it. Of course, if in the unlikely event that there are no people fighting in it, then it's not terrible, however I am imagining this turning into a modern-day arms race, except with robots. If two sides are involved in a war with robots, then both sides will keep destroying the other side's robots, and both sides will keep having to make new ones, and that's going to be a tremendous waste of money for everyone involved.

    What bothers me the most, though, is that the technology here is not being used for progress. It's being used to kill each other, which shows that while our technology has certainly improved since the stone age, our mindset has not changed at all. Technology has so much potential to make the world better, but there's no innovation here in terms of what these robots are doing; killing is old.

    Bomb-diffusing robots are good though, since they prevent putting people at risk of dying.

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