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  1. In Topic: Returns

    Posted 28 Feb 2012

    I woke up this morning and my first thought was, "the forums!!!"

    I still have no idea what I had been dreaming about.

    So, hi. Maybe I'm back for a bit.

    Also: Wow, Jon Gutner!! :D
  2. In Topic: Watchmen Midnight Showing

    Posted 7 Mar 2009

    haha, yeah, what was with that?

    also, did you notice, in the restaurant scene, some woman in the background says, "I'm so glad I ordered the four-legged chicken!"
  3. In Topic: Watchmen Midnight Showing

    Posted 7 Mar 2009

    I really liked that they got the visual style pretty much right on, and, like Otal, I very much enjoyed the opening sequence and agree that Ozy shouldn't have been so obviously evil from the start - that kind of misses the point of his character. I also missed the ((warning: spoiler!!!)) giant octopus, but could understand why they'd leave that out - the giant octopus would have to come with about another hour of backstory in a movie that was already three hours long. but my biggest gripe was how they botched one of my favorite scenes from the book - the one where Rorschach outwits Big Figure and his goons. having the second guy get electrocuted *after* Rorschach punches him out was disappointing, and also totally not how Rorschach is supposed to operate. the interesting shot with the swinging bathroom door made up for it, but only a little bit smile.gif Also, it was weird that Rorschach was all suicidal at the end, instead of it being more of a confrontation between him and Dr. Manhattan from which he wouldn't back down. Little gripes aside, I really enjoyed seeing it!
  4. In Topic: Dreams

    Posted 28 Dec 2008

    dreamt all about zombies last night. I was with a small group of friends who had not been infected and we were trying to fight our way out of wherever we were, but one by one they all turned into zombies. I was a bit sad when I ran out of ammo, but then I discovered that I knew parkour, so it was okay.
  5. In Topic: Your Ringtone

    Posted 28 Dec 2008

    my phone's always on silent because I mostly hate phones. my favorite ringtone, though, is the one that just sounds like a phone ringing. one of my friends has a ringtone that sounds like someone knocking on a door and asking, 'is anybody there?' apparently it really freaked out her roommate.

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the internets
36 years old
April 17, 1987
Massachusetts Tool & Die
fire, typing random things; getting guys drunk and getting them to do my Spanish homework for me; time travel; exploding things.

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