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  1. I would be happy to redesign the site...

    Posted 6 Jul 2010

    Yahtzee, if you still check this forum, I read the blog post, and I hope you aren't being serious. If you wanted, I could just do a bit of spring cleaning. Give the place some better organization and such. I wouldn't even need payment, it would be worth it just to have the freedom to look through the old archives. Good times.

    So if your interested, pm me and ill send you my email.
  2. This is us asking permission to be awesome.

    Posted 18 Apr 2010

    Hello fellow Yahtzee fans, after playing the days a stranger series over and over again I couldn't help but think of what this would be like in a 3d engine. I love pixels as much as the next guy but sadly some people can't appreciate what makes a good game. So for those who have yet to experience the greatness that is the days a stranger series, me and a team of modders would like to remake it for the source engine. Mostly due to the fact that myself and others have more experience with it. Also the sounds match in both games, I hope that my request hits a heartstring or a major artery so that soon we can see days a stranger on a 1280 by 1024 screen. When this is exposed to a wider audience, then the masses may come to appreciate that games shouldnt be about which company can get their stocks the highest, or who becomes the biggest sellout. Its about telling a "stonking great" story. Yahtzee, if you think this is a good idea, just give us the go ahead. Thank you.
  3. Michael Atkinson QUITTING FRONT BENCH!

    Posted 20 Mar 2010

    My friend just sent me this article, and I think I am in tears of joy, but I can't feel my face.

    http://www.adelaiden... p-1225843341005

    Its kind of amazing how much I care about this, I'm half way across the world.
  4. A song I wrote

    Posted 1 Jan 2010

    Not one of the best songs ever, but its fun. I was going for a bit of a sad tone but with a catchy beat, and this was what came out. I made it for a source mod I was with but I got fired so who cares. _24_09.mp3.html
  5. The avatar story thread.

    Posted 31 Dec 2009

    I decided to start a thread about avatars. So please post about how your avatar came to be. Lets start with mine.

    Mine began when I realized that I needed something witty as a symbol for my website. One thing I tried was an interesting attempt at merging the faces of Mr.Bean and Barack Obama.

    Heres the full scale image.

    Posted Image

    By the way the site is not up yet. It will be soon though.

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