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  1. In Topic: Zero Punctuation: Mass Effect 2

    Posted 12 Mar 2010

    I just finished ME2, and now I have a fixed idea. In fact, ME is "plot based tactic-action role playing game". PBTARPG. Some part of me wants a T-shirt with "PEBETARPUGER" on it, but the other (in this case it's my head) thinks it's not original anymore.
  2. In Topic: Zero Punctuation: Dark Void

    Posted 8 Feb 2010

    The most sad thing about this game for me - it don't use own potential. Gravity gun, for example, or helmet, which only changes colour of your radar to blue. This game is short, because there is actually nothing to do. Fly, shoot, punch robots, fly, shoot, punch robots, the end.
    P.S. And Ava looks exactly like Lara Croft from "Underworld".
  3. In Topic: Uncyclopedia Article on Yahtzee

    Posted 13 Jan 2010

    You definitly know how to be nice, are you? ^_^

    Ok, I needed to chill. But anyway, if some person can make something like Y.T.O.T.W. in age of 17, by using Paint it means something for me. And if other person starts to bitchin' around, I just start to want my revenge. I don't like Yahtzee (I mean, I don't even know him), but I respect him. If someone tryes to prove, he's better, because he said "Yahtzee is shit", I have no respect for such person.
  4. In Topic: Uncyclopedia Article on Yahtzee

    Posted 12 Jan 2010

    View Post Ninja Duck, on 08 September 2009 - 06:48 AM, said:

    There's an "in the style of" article here about Yahtzee and Zero Punctuation, and I have to say it's pretty accurate. http://uncyclopedia.... iki/Ben_Croshaw

    Seems like someone wants to take a slice of others popularity... "Your word-another-word-and-another- unnecessary-word Yahtzee is shit, 'cuz my balls are bigger, nye nye nye...".


    <blah blah>my-life-is-so-hard- because-I-get-payed-to-do-what- most-people-do-in-their-recreational- time<blah blah>

    Just say "I'm jealous" and we'll finish with this...

    I have no illusions about Me ever meeting Ben, but even so, I won't ever sink so low to vomit my envy in such ridiculously ridiculous (HA!) form. If next week Yahtzee will be payed for farting fairy dust, I'll just start to think he's even more lucky bastard than he's right now...

    Did I say, what author of that article is bitch? No? Maybe it's because I'm a pissed fanboy...
  5. In Topic: Zero Punctuation: Washington DC

    Posted 13 Dec 2009

    He he he, that was smart... :D
    Well, I got your point (I guess). Maybe it's hackwork. Maybe. But I still like it (I'm a little sentimental). ^_^

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