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Searching Google for opinions on the Star Wars prequel trilogy led me to Chefelf's nitpicks.
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  1. In Topic: Bless me father, for I have sinned

    Posted 29 Jan 2009

    I'd probably buy Clone Wars for completist sake if I ever saw it in a store but I wouldn't go out of my way to get a copy. I didn't hate it but I wish they'd stuck with the lovely Genndy Tartakovsky 2-D animation.
  2. In Topic: Most Hated Characters

    Posted 17 Jan 2009

    Sio Bibble. Every word out of that guy's mouth is some sort of complaint.

    Captain Panaka was dour as well.
  3. In Topic: Why I like the prequels (part one- TPM)

    Posted 17 Jan 2009

    I like The Phantom Menace. It's probably my favorite of the prequels. The only Star Wars film that left me feeling truly disappointed was Attack of the Clones.

    What I like about TPM:
    - The locations. Naboo is beautiful and Coruscant is impressive.
    - The design of the Neimoidians. They're based on those blue aliens from the cantina in ANH which I've always liked.
    - Watto. He's funny.
    - Qui-Gon. I actually have mixed feelings on Qui-Gon. On the one hand he was kind of an unnecessary new creation and his role probably should have been given to Obi-Wan, but on the other hand he is the most likeable character in the film.
    - Ewan McGregor fits into his TPM role quite well. In the other two prequels he seemed awkward as Obi-Wan but he obviously suits playing the younger apprentice character.
    - Shmi. She's likeable and played by a good actress.
    - Palpatine and his scheming. I've been fascinated by Palpatine ever since ROTJ so it was great to see how he manipulated everyone to become Chancellor. One part of his scheme as Sidious (wanting the Queen to sign the treaty to make the invasion of Naboo legal) doesn't seem to make sense but apart from that, it's all good.
    - Pit droids. They're cute.
    - The lightsaber duel. I consider this the best lightsaber battle in any of the films.
    - Duel of the Fates music.
    - The celebration music at the end of the film. It's actually a remixed version of the Imperial March, which I think is a nice subtle touch symbolising that the good side hasn't really won despite what all the characters think.
    - The overall atmosphere of the film. I can't really explain this, it's just a feeling I get from watching TPM. I find it quite relaxing. This enjoyable atmosphere disappears in AOTC, which just feels dreary.

    Don't get me wrong, I can see flaws in TPM. Jar Jar should have either been a serious character or left out altogether, midichlorians are silly, Anakin should have been older, the directing could have been better, and as I mentioned earlier Qui-Gon's role probably should have been given to Obi-Wan. However I still enjoy TPM and for the most part I can overlook its flaws and have fun watching it.

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