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  1. In Topic: Yahtzee Appreciation Thread

    Posted 20 Sep 2008

    Yes kurtt thats it. you knew yo uwanted to do it. now witness Kurtt Reigo PERFECTED. do it. do it now. do it so they will UNDERSTAND!

    PS: i TOLD you guys he was a troll.
  2. In Topic: Yahtzee Appreciation Thread

    Posted 20 Sep 2008

    i share your interests kurtt. all of them. i share your pain too. and i know how to stop it. so do you. admit it.

    why would your mother punch me? is she that judgemental? i wouldnt be walking around LOOKI9NG like i want to piss in her hair, i'd just be very casual. and what if she couldnt punch me? what if yahtzee had her tied up? what then kurtt? yahtzee would tie up your mother and laugh while i peed in her hair. your hero doesnt even care about your violence prone abusive mother. and deep down you know she deserves it anyhow for all the years of never really loving you. maybe she isnt even your real mother. you're all alone with your trout now, kurtt. but you can make hte others udnerstoand kurt. ok? do it. shjow them how you REALLY feel.

    oh arent they Kurtt? arent thaey? when you do it kurtt they're going to say that you're me, they'll think we're the same person just like they say with too chic, so youi wonjt even be to blame. it'll just be talk about how mean chris is. maybe i'll finally get banned. you'll be ok though. you see, by making troutkrieg you can get me banned. thats all you need to do kurtt. start spamming pictures of trout. it is your destiny to wage gtroutkrieg on the nonbelievers. who are you to subert destiny?

    you say tehre is justice kurtt? then be an instrument of justice. punish the wicked and the evil people who call you a troll. show them the error of their ways

    do it
    do it
    do it
    do it

    DO IT

    DO IT

  3. In Topic: Yahtzee Appreciation Thread

    Posted 20 Sep 2008

    then stop me. if people cant see my posts because they're droned out by yours, then i have no more power. you see? you can stop everyone by doing what you came here for. your name, the name your parents gave you, spells troutkrieg. dont you think that god is trying to tell you something? dont you want to do gods will?

    and of course there is no justice. you havent dealt it out yet. there is no one who's going to stop me here kurtt, i could urinate in your mothers hair and no one here would say a word because no one loves you. indeed yahtzee would probably just write an article about it and everyone would laugh. is that what you want kurtt? is that what you're trying to go for? do you want someone to pee on your mother's hair? if not, you know how to prevent it. you know where to find pictures of trout.

    no, no one does understand you. so why bother trying to consider them? maybe you dont understand yourself. maybe you came here, looking for a purpose and have only now discovered it. do it kurtt. you know you want to. why bother over how these fools feel? tehy pour their scorn on you either way but if you take up the mantel of troutkrieg at least you can have FUN!
  4. In Topic: The parasitic infestation problem.

    Posted 20 Sep 2008

  5. In Topic: Yahtzee Appreciation Thread

    Posted 20 Sep 2008

    ah my dear kutt, perhaps i misjudged you. you didnt come here to wage troutkrieg ot destroy, you came here to help the other forum people, because as you clearly prove the internet is all about helping otherts wi th their problems and being nice.

    but not everyone feels that way. there are bad people here who think you're a troll. i thought the same thing myself when i first came to undersstand what youre intentions were, that you planned to wage troutkrieg on them.

    but now i see kurrt, now i see that you only want to do it to punish the wicked here who call you a troll and hate you for no reason, like an avenging angel. i bet you feel the same way offline too, wishing you could do something to those who misjudge you, thirsting for a way not to get vengeance, but jkustice. kurtt, this is your chance.

    use troutkrieg to destroy those who hate you. post pictures of trout intil they beg to be youf friend, as they should have done in the begining, you know you're going to eventually anyhow. it's time kurtt. do it to make the internets a better place, do it because they dont UNDERSTAND. do it now. unleash the troutklrieg within


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