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  1. In Topic: Chzo Mythos Fanart

    Posted 23 Sep 2008

    That last one is begging to be animated.

    Not a bad show of talent in this thread.
  2. In Topic: Spore

    Posted 4 Sep 2008


    Anyways, I'm a sorta-excited for it. I'm busy with other games at the moment so I won't be busting down any doors to get it, but the creature creator was fun and I'm one of those folks who enjoys "The Sims", so I have a good feeling about it.

    I think it is pretty cool the USA is getting it last for once. It seems pretty fair. wink.gif
  3. In Topic: Speaking of that new batman movie . . .

    Posted 29 Aug 2008

    "Reclaiming" words is sticky business I'm not the best on to ask about. So much context and possibility of confusion that stems from just not letting a word die and become history. There is hope for some words, (like "queer") but I think words like "bitch" and "the n-word" have way too much history and will always be tainted.

    Moving back towards the topic: I enjoyed TDK. The ARG leading up to it was pretty well put together for what I hear, too. I agree that Bale's voice was a bit grating (maybe BM just had too many lines? tongue.gif )

    If they are going onto a third, I hope they fast forward a few years. I want to see this Batman mature.

    As for putting Superman and Batman in the same room, the "Hush" graphic novels did it pretty well.

    QUOTE (Otal Nimrodi @ Aug 22 2008, 06:47 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    Because. Superman's ABLE to do almost anything. But Batman's WILLING to.

    A very good summery.
  4. In Topic: Old school style

    Posted 29 Aug 2008

    I've greatly enjoyed (but have not yet finished) Fallout: Tactics. However, I think our copies of 1 and 2 got lost in a move. sad.gif

    I started out with an Atari and NES, but I think I enjoyed early PC gaming better. Especially old space flight sims (Man... I miss Tachyon.) and of course adventure games.

    Now I feel nostalgic. I wonder if my dad still has his old copy of Terra Nova... and I wonder if I can slow our computer down enough to play the thing.
  5. In Topic: Does Yahtzee still post here?

    Posted 29 Aug 2008

    *hands Elmoape a loincloth*

    I've been enjoying a few new coconut milk based ice creams, myself. It was really nice to have a "Cookie Dough" flavor after two or so years of going without. biggrin.gif

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