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Clicked a link in Yahtzee's Fully Ramblomatic Website. He is awesome you see? :P
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  1. In Topic: Can I post Suggestions here

    Posted 9 Apr 2008

    While it is a rather irritating factor of the games industry it is not always possible to determine a game's release date. Deadlines have to be made as with any other line of work and more often than not dates have to be altered accordingly. If developers were to predict release dates they would then have to push their workers harder in order to get things done and its clear that rushing a game's development process in order to get it on sale for a certain date (e.g. like with every movie / videogame tie in ever) is a sure way to make it fall off the bottom of the charts within the first week.

    I am certain that Yahtzee has his own personal opinions on the matter of release dates, however his Zero Punctuation series is set purely on reviewing released titles rather than previewing titles dues for release in the coming months.
  2. In Topic: Eh-he-hem, *Cough Cough*

    Posted 9 Apr 2008

    QUOTE (Uszi @ Apr 9 2008, 05:29 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    Actually, that would be fairly funny--4 Gordon Freemans crowbaring each other.

    Or just 3 of them, whacking the snot out of a tiny blue hedgehog? blink.gif
  3. In Topic: Zero Punctuation - No More Heroes

    Posted 9 Apr 2008

    I have a strange urge to go and buy a copy of No More Heroes and a jar of Branston Pickle...

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