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  1. Tom Morello is a Grilled Cheese Sandwich

    Posted 14 Jan 2009

    This is my big accomplishment for the day.

    I've become a regular on a Rage Against the Machine fan-forum called

    I pointed the forum the direction of Yahtzee's GHIII review in which he likens RATM's Tom Morello to a grilled cheese sandwich. Incredibly, a shocking number of them hadn't seen it before.

    So, "just for a day," the site admin has replaced all the site's banner of Tom Morello with a grilled-cheese sandwich.

    I feel accomplished. Though really it was Yahtzee's accomplishment. Or Morello's. Or the sandwich's.

    Ok I'm gonna stop talking now.
  2. Internet Identity

    Posted 1 Aug 2008

    Yahtzee complains about how he can't say anything on his favorite forum anymore without people jumping all over him.

    Nameless, faceless forumites. Its easier to be an asshole to words on a screen. Harder when you know there's a voice, a name, a face, and a person behind a particular screen name. That person no longer exists in the abstract.

    I hope Yahtzee does something else soon. Something besides Zero Punctuation. He's got the idiots out there thinking that videos are all he can do.
  3. Eagle Eye

    Posted 3 Jun 2008

    Has the Hollywood machine discovered Yahtzee? Or specifically, the ideas he gives away for free on his website?

    Because I saw the trailer for the new film Eagle Eye and it reminded me VERY MUCH of the start of Yahtzee's pretend FPS, No Experience Necessary....

    Or maybe I'm mental.
  4. A momentous occaction

    Posted 30 May 2008

    Hello? Anyone? Sorry, promise I won't keep you long.

    No, nothing's wrong, I just wanted to say something.

    Today is my birthday. I'm 22.

    Alright, that's all. No, don't get up, I'll show myself out. Take care everyone!
  5. AG Podcast #2

    Posted 17 May 2008

    2 Aussies + 1 Englishman + Lots of Alcohol = Fun times!

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