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  1. ZP - Alone in the Dark

    Posted 16 Jul 2008

    http:// Dark

    "I wonder if I can have balls in my mouth?"
  2. ZP - Lego Indy

    Posted 9 Jul 2008

    http:// www.escapistm...n/123-LEGO- Indy

    Good stuff, I found this one quite funny.
    The end review of the movie was quite excellent as well.
  3. ZP -- Webcomics

    Posted 2 Jul 2008

    http:// www.escapistm...n/108-Webcomics

    Go now.
  4. Eh-he-hem, *Cough Cough*

    Posted 9 Apr 2008

    Correct me if I am utterly mistaken, but I seem to remember reading over and over again about how in Australia, games are always released way late, and we never get them, and bla-bla-bla.

    And, correct me if I am utterly mistaken, but Super Smash Bros Brawl, was supposedly in the above category.

    EXHIBIT A, your honor!
    http:// www.australia...arty_games. html
    Dated: 30/March/2008

    Of note:
    "Yahtzee graciously brought along Wii Freeloader and his copy of Super Smash Bros Brawl, and after what seemed like an excessive amount of effort to setup, we finally had the game ready and running with 4 gamecube wireless wavebird controllers.

    Regardless of who was playing at any given time, the majority of expletives being yelled out were usually attributed to no-one knowing what the hell was going on. Frith found the chaos appealing, Yahtzee found it retarded. Most of us were not Smash Bros series connoisseurs by any means, but the pure random mess of the 4 player battles didnít do much to win us over. Sure, there were moments of fun, but on the flip side you spend half the game trying to keep track of where your character is, let alone what it's actually doing.

    Sorry fanboys, but with the exception of Frith and Phil, we all found the game too random and too chaotic. And yes, the levels are a nice nostalgic trip for a long time Nintendo franchise player like myself, but any positives in that respect are totally overshadowed by the fact that you canít play as Sonic until youíve played either 10 hours or 300 matches.

    What. The. Fuck.

    Forcing players to unlock characters, game types, levels or features that are ADVERTISED SELLING POINTS of a multiplayer game is about as popular and equally craptacular as Video Game disc jockeys and Quick time events.

    Verdict: Fanboys only

    Maybe genuinely playable by kids with ADD drinking shots of redbull and vodka, but for our group of 20-something year old piss heads it just gave us a headache."

    So... Will we see a Brawl review sometime soon?
    My guess is yes, but I will be sad because Yahtzee will shit all over it.

  5. On the Podcast

    Posted 4 Apr 2008

    Yahtzee, I held a meeting with America. We determined that the lack of Wiis has a simple explanation. Because Australia has so many beaches, barrier reefs and cuddly marsupial mammals, you get fewer Wiis. Done deal.

    Either trade us the Koala bear or a portion of the Reef and then we'll start talking Wii Remotes. Preferably the portion of the reef that is NOT responsible for the death of Steve Irwin, as we loved him as much as we love Koala bears.

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