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  1. Stuck In Your Head

    Posted 14 Aug 2008

    I think it's safe to say that most of us spend a great deal of their time with songs stuck in our heads. Sometimes the experience is enjoyable (That time that the Jeopardy song was playing over top of Paint It Black was pretty epic), but usually it's just annoying. Share the experience, enjoyable or otherwise, and either make us envy your good fortune in mental soundtracks or hope that it goes away!

    At the moment...

    "SomeWHERE, over the rainbow....way up-"

    *bangs head on desk* Make it stop! wacko.gif
  2. Russia invades "georegia," scaring rednecks

    Posted 11 Aug 2008

    With no Crappy News topic about Russia's brilliantly-timed conflict with the republic of Georgia in which to post this, I had no choice but to create my own topic in which we all get to laugh at the funny rednecks.

    A lot of people I talk to seem to think that this is a joke, but as someone who grew up in the American south, I remain convinced that this person is dead serious and very confused. As I said, I'm honestly surprised that I wasn't expecting this. And I'm positive that even if this particular instance of "I dont see them no where wats going on" is a joke, that somewhere in the state of Georgia, that scenario is actually playing out.

    If this is spam, it shouldn't be.
  3. Why PBS kids is still better than Nickelodean

    Posted 5 Mar 2008

    Completely un-edited clip of The Zula Patrol, a science-centered educational program on my local PBS station: v=Tlz8upFirXo

    Completely un-edited (if rather poor quality) clips of Between the Lions, a reading-centered educational program, which is, as far as I know, nationally broadcast on PBS in the US: v=1VQPmu0DKk0 ..feature=related

    Oh yeah, screw spongebob and Jimmy Neutron, this is where it's at. Growing up with TV shows like these, the next generation of American kids won't even need drugs.

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Video Games, SciFi, Fantasy, trying to write SciFi and Fantasy, political philosophy (Let's face it , the higher stuff is for physicists now), Yahtzee, Craig Ferguson, Hank the Cowdog, and orange juice. That about covers it.

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